The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Blessing Gate Is Open Wide

Michael Jenkins
December 16, 2005

Dear Family,

Please call every member that you know to make sure that they know that the gate is wide open for the blessing.

All blessed members, regardless of the reason why they could not complete the blessing before, can make a new start. Please take a moment to think about members who you know that had complicated situations. The gate is wide open for them to come and be blessed once again. All will be healed and forgiven.

Also, please prepare all members who married outside of our faith. The door is about to swing open for them. Now is the time. God's love is pouring out.

Please reach out to Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace. We now are asking all regions to systematically call every region and make sure that every minister knows.

Please reach out. Just ask them and let God do the work.

Here are the invitations for Ambassadors for Peace. People in their 50's and younger may attend. Amb. for Peace, their colleagues, clergy and their sons and daughters may attend. This is a moment in history. Reach out and let them know God's heart.

One of the key aspects of Father's speech on the world tour is that no one knows how God's heart has grieved over the fall. How God's heart was broken. I believe because God's heart has been comforted so much by True Parents rapidly expanding the Peace Kingdom and the Blessed Family that God himself is opening the gate. Let all who want to come join the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

After creating Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and once they matured in His true love, God intended to wed them with His Holy Blessing and bequeath to them Heaven's right of ownership. God wanted Adam and Eve to inherit from Him the ownership of the entire universe. Because of the fall, however, all this came under Satan's control. God is like a father who worked and sweated his entire life to accumulate assets for his children, only to have a thief steal everything in one night. Who can comprehend the sorrowful, painful heart of God? God lost His lineage, lost His children, and was forced to hand over the ownership of the nations and world to Satan. There was only one way to recover this lineage and ownership. This was the path to win the natural subjugation of Satan, to have Satan surrender voluntarily. What is the secret to accomplish this? It is only by the power of true love, when we love our enemies more than we love our own children......

Respected leaders! Our bondage to the lineage of Satan has caused so much suffering throughout history. Let us now boldly step forth to sever it and be grafted onto the root of the lineage of the True Parents.

God's Ideal Family:
The Model for World Peace
100 City World Tour Inaugural Address at the Founding of the Universal Peace Council
by the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon

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