The Words of the Jenkins Family

Joshua Cotter Leads By Example

Michael Jenkins
December 26, 2005

Dear Family,

Rev. Joshua Cotter is National Director of the "Family Association" (Also known as the Hoon Dok Family Church. He is moving the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters in our movement and families who are now coming to connect.

The "Family Association" Providence is very central to God's dispensation at this time.

Thanks to Rev. Cotter and his wife Claire for leading the way!!!



Report On The "Family Association" Meeting

Rev. Joshua Cotter
National Director of the Neighborhood Family Church (Family Association)

We had a great meeting at our house last night, in celebration of Christmas! 3 of the 5 families we invited came, and we will visit the others tonight that couldn't make it. This has really revived our 3 families that are working together on our neighborhood. In one 2-hour period of Christmas caroling, we met many wonderful families in our neighborhood. Our concept before was that we couldn't trust this neighborhood, because of the crime, drugs, etc. But we now see how this is just Satan's way of keeping us in our comfort zone and keeping us from giving True Parents love to people who deeply need it.

Our house was full of adults and children of all ages last night. Everyone brought food. We sang Christmas carols, then I read from Luke about the birth of Christ and proposed a toast for Christmas and a blessing for each family. We gave everyone (adults and kids) the Holy juice and prayed a prayer of Blessing and protection for their families (I remembered that John and Marina Acevedo said they always blessed the families they met first. This made such a difference).

Then we all introduced ourselves. One lady (Grandma Lydia) was there with 4 generations of her lineage. She has 91 grandchildren! We proposed that she be awarded Grandmother of the Year (maybe the decade). Her daughters came with their children. I was moved that these young people, who were obviously influenced by our secular society, were so moved in their hearts by our inviting them to our house. It was clear that God sees beyond the external appearance and just looks at the heart!

Rev. and Mrs. Edmond Charley (our tribe leaders) introduced their family and Edmond talked about his work at the UN. They were very interested. I introduced our family and told them that Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the spiritual leaders of our church, introduced my wife and I to each other and blessed us in marriage 23 years ago, and that we now have 3 beautiful children. Everyone applauded! I spoke briefly about our work in the Holy Land (I showed them my olive wood manger scene) to bring together Christians, Muslims and Jews. They were very inspired.

Then we ate the food and had fellowship together. They all said how much they miss this kind of thing and that we need to pray for each other and be better neighbors throughout the year. We agreed to keep meeting at each others? houses. My wife and one of the ladies will visit one local church in our neighborhood together (I can see that 1 family 3 churches can be connected to the Hoon Dok Family Church).

One thing that is noticeably missing is the presence of the fathers. Our blessed families have such a precious gift to offer these families and a great mission to bless them and save them!

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