The Words of the Jenkins Family

Jesus' Coronation Anniversary

Michael Jenkins
December 26, 2005

Dear Family,

Two years ago today an event occurred that has changed the course of history. Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders joined in Jerusalem's Independence Park to hold a ceremony of respect and reconciliation between the leaders and representatives of the Abrahamic faiths. Over 20,000 gathered on that day to witness something that could not be imagined - that Jewish leaders, with full understanding and profound appreciation for the role of the "chosen" people in the Scriptures would step forward to end the long and sad division of the family of Jesus.

On this day two years ago they stepped forward and offered Jesus a Crown, honoring him as the King of Peace of Israel and loving him as their brother. This historic event was central to the internal conditions necessary to break the "lock" of the historic division that occurred due to Jesus' rejection that led to the division of Judaism into the three Abrahamic faiths. This has also been the root cause of the seemingly irreconcilable differences in the Middle East.

At the crowning of Jesus on December 22, 2003, Jewish leaders (who did not convert or become Christian) expressed love and appreciation for Jesus, Christians proclaimed that Muhammad (PBUH) is God's prophet and Muslims gave a menorah to Jewish leaders showing respect for Jewish believers.

Though this event came forth quietly, the ramifications are infinite in scope. This is the foundation of reconciliation that has removed all "curses" and internal conditions, boundaries and barriers. It is inevitable now that the family of Abraham will unite in Israel, Palestine and throughout the Middle East.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is now concluding the 100 City World Tour to establish the Universal Peace Federation which came on the foundation of this historic December 22nd Coronation.

Let us give thanks to God and with confidence extend our hearts out in love for all humanity. We are all brothers and sisters before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael and Jacob, the one God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Let us rejoice as we prepare to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus.

With Love and Gratitude,


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