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Canada Report

Michael Jenkins
December 27, 2005

Dear Family,

Toronto held a glorious and wonderful conclusion for the 100-city world tour. The Ambassadors for Peace led by Dr. Akbaralle of Canada were just outstanding. Over 1500 came to hear True Parents. Several members of the Canadian Parliament attended and there was very strong and diverse representation from the religious communities.

When True Parents arrived at the Westin Prince Hotel, their hearts were lifted by the warmth of the welcome from the Canadian movement. Dr. Chae Hee Lee has led the way and developed a beautiful spirit of unity and heart. Rev. Bob Duffy (President), Rev. Franco Famularo, Executive Director and Rev. Mitch Dixon, (Vice Director of Canadian FFWPU) and their wives all did an excellent job. The Canadian movement is rich with faith and heart. (We sincerely thank the Blessed Families of Canada for making the final city of the World Tour such a great victory.) When True Parents entered their room it was so exciting. Due to the fact that True Parents would return to East Garden right after the speech, all the blessed families and especially our young people were there. They were so excited and inspired. Father had not come to Canada since 1995. Now he has returned. True Parents chose several people to sing and the atmosphere was deeply inspired. Peter Kim sang Danny Boy and Dr. Yang sang Holo Arirang (the national anthem of Cheon Il Guk). Bishop Stallings, who came to Toronto directly from Fiji sang "Silent Night". The young people sang and Father called on many Canadian members. It was so nice to see the Michigan contingent of Rev. Hatcher, Bishop Weeks and two buses of clergy and blessed families from our Detroit IIFWP. (Thanks Michigan). The main world Ambassador for Peace and the youngest, Shin Jun Nim brought joy to everyone as he danced as we sang.

At the lunch table, Bishop Stallings was able to share a report together on his Fiji trip and the overwhelming heart felt desire of the people of Fiji to welcome True Parents. The Christians in Fiji transformed as they heard the testimony of Rev. Edwards and Bishop Stallings. Father said, "Archbishop Stallings, you are Heaven's great General." Father now calls Archbishop Stallings "Double Stallings" because of his two sons. When we showed the picture of the boys with Sayomi and the Archbishop, True Parents were so excited. They were fascinated to see them and how they looked. Father said they have the color of Jesus.

Then Rev. Mitch Dixon welcomed True Parents to Canada. Rev. Bob Duffy reported about the members of parliament and the development of the very strong Ambassadors Peace Foundation. Alan Wilding one of the first Canadian members joined the lunch. Father was happy to see him and asked him to sing. Rev. Franco Famularo reported to True Parents and was able to share directly with Father concerning the heart of the Canadian people for God and True Parents. He also was able to present literature of the MP who lists his Ambassador for Peace appointment as one of his greatest points of pride. This member of Parliament who is running for reelection proudly lists on his campaign literature that among his greatest accomplishments is the fact that he was "appointed" as an "Ambassador for Peace" of IIFWP. Dr. Chae Hee Lee presented a 48" x 36" world map to True parents that was the backdrop design for the Canadian event launching the Universal Peace Federation. This artwork (backdrop) had every city on the tour and lines tracing the air routes throughout the world. Father and Mother were very inspired and signed everything. (Very unusual before the event - it was obvious that True Parents knew that Canada would be a glorious victory). Finally Mr. David Stewart who is Director of the Sun Moon Extension Site for International Students and Stoyan Tadan could present photos of the school which Father signed. Father was very happy.

Dr. Akbaralle as leader of the IIFWP of Canada came in to greet True Parents. A fine Muslim scholar and key leader of our IIFWP of Canada offered his deepest welcome, became overwhelmed with gratitude over Father's coming to Canada and gave him a big hug and a kiss. Almost everyone there was stunned, however when it is done from the heart from such prestigious leaders somehow, at that rare moment, it was totally appropriate. Father smiled and was very happy to see him. It is amazing how sensitive Father and Mother are to people with sincere hearts and a commitment to sacrifice.

At 4 PM our seminar for the Ambassadors for Peace came together. About 120 key leaders attended including the rising star in the ACLC movement, the Rev. Daryl Gray from Canada. Dr. Akbaralle chaired the meeting and welcomed Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary General of IIFWP. Dr. Walsh traveled the whole world tour with True Parents and gave them incredible support. Dr. Walsh represented the western world in a profound way on this world tour, being the person representing True Parents and Rev. Kwak to all the Ambassadors for Peace from every continent and culture. We should all give special thanks to Dr. Walsh. He shared how Father Moon had overcome persecution and difficulty but now scholars, religious leaders and leading political leaders have joined this global movement for peace. Currently 10 heads of state were Ambassadors for Peace before they became head of their nations. He spoke to the candidates for Ambassador for Peace and shared that tonight in Toronto, would be the 104th city and 71 countries. How incredible. Who in history has ever done such a tour? 104 cities and events since September 12.

Archbishop Stallings addressed the Ambassador for Peace Seminar and gave them clear confidence as to who Father Moon is. He is the one to bring this world together. He is the one for the Muslim, the Christian, the Jewish, the Hindu and the Sikh. All of the key Canadian leaders (Rev. Dixon, Rev. Duffy and Rev. Famularo addressed the audience). Two members of Parliament came and addressed the Ambassadors for Peace expressing how encouraged they are to see such a body of people of all backgrounds with one heart to bring peace. Rev. Jenkins concluded the education session with the Principles of the Ambassadors for Peace. He also introduced the current Ambassadors for Peace as well as a very special delegation of Canadian Korean War Veterans who stood proudly with their medals when they were introduced and honored. We then led into the Ambassador for Peace appointments. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, who represented Rev. Kwak in the Bahamas and Canada made the special presentation on behalf of True Parents. It was a truly great moment.

We then went into the main hall. The place was packed. Our beloved members could only get into the overflow rooms sacrificing their seats for the wall to wall dignitaries. The Mayor, Members of Parliament, Women leaders, Professors and especially key Religious leaders were present. Canada is very special in that it is very open to people of all cultures immigrating. This has created a situation where a great diversity of people are present. Canada is a cold country in the winter and yet, the people have the warmest hearts.

Rev. Franco Famularo did an excellent work as MC. Imam Syed Naqvi of the powerful United Front of Canada gave the invocation. Then the Rev. Daryl Gray's choir (Imani Full Gospel Family Church Choir of Montreal) sang and created an atmosphere that melted all of us. Dr. Walsh led the blessing of marriage and Rev. Gray and Mrs. Olive Gray shared the cup of Holy Wine (juice). (Rev. Gray has become a household name in Montreal as he made a break from a major denomination protesting the approval of gay marriage. Almost 1000 of his church members went with him!!! - This is walking on faith and courage and had an huge effect of strengthening those who believe in the scriptural model for marriage - male and female). The stood as an example dedicating their marriage to God with faith in Jesus and love for True Parents while pledging to be faithful and never to divorce and that they will become True Parents. All then joined the blessing sharing the cup with their spouse of drinking for their spouse and themselves. Dr. Walsh gave the prayer of blessing asking God to strengthen and bless these marriages and their families.

Dr. Yang gave the special address (representing Rev. Kwak) and then the video, Man of Peace was shown. The atmosphere was perfect. Archbishop Stallings then introduced Father. In three minutes he transformed the audience into one family. He let everyone know that the man coming before them tonight is walking in the spirit of Jesus the Christ, with his mantle and anointing. He went on to say, if you looking for the fulfillment of scripture in the second coming, "you need not look for another." He is the one with the heart of Jesus. He is compassionate and a loving and faithful husband, a loving Father and ..... (he said with a smile)a doting grandfather (we have seen that with Shin Jun). ....." and now after 104 cities and 71 countries ... Rev. Moon has saved the best for last, Canada - you are the last and the best.... and now you are to receive the Rev. Sun Myung Moooooon.!!!!" Canada welcomed True Parents and history has been sealed forever. Canada will rise to be a nation with enormous fortune and blessing from God. Canada will rise to lead the world into the Peace Kingdom.

As I write I can hardly contain the joy that I feel. This is the time that God has waited for for 6000 years. This is God's time. Father spoke from 6 pm until 9:15. He won everyone's hearts. Toronto will shine forever on this foundation. Canada is God's diamond and capstone of this providential 100 city World Tour launching the Universal Peace Federation and realizing the Peace Kingdom. Father and Mother received special gifts and then True Parents dashed to the airport to return to New York. Rev. Daryl Gray gave a powerful message to conclude. The banquet was a time of complete joy!!!

It began in New York; it now concludes this morning in New York with the celebration.

It is the Alpha and the Omega.

Thanks to Peter Kim and Won Ju for taking care of the King and Queen of Peace. Thanks to Rev. Kwak, Dr. Walsh and all our Continental Directors, Secretary Generals, Ambassadors for Peace and Blessed Families worldwide. Thanks to Shin Jun Nim - he gave an incredible feeling of youth to our True Parents.

This is a glorious day for Heaven and Earth. This is the Alpha and the Omega.

Merry Christmas and...

Happy True God's Day!!!

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