The Words of the Jenkins Family

Hello from Chung Pyung

Michael Jenkins
December 29, 2005

Dear Family,

How precious our spouses are. I saw so many tears of relief and joy when someone who has been without a spouse for many years was given grace by God to receive another spouse. So many miracles occurred. So many amazing things occurred right up until minutes before the blessing. Father gave the Continental leaders authority to match the candidates for re-blessing. There were several hundred in this category. I was also asked to help in matching with Mrs. Erikawa. Rev. Schanker also was asked to support. It was an experience that I will never forget as long as I live.

What happened after we began was profound. We could feel the enormous weight of what it means to be God's representative to help people find their match. The weight on True Parents is immeasurable in this regard because Father takes responsibility as the True Parent to guide the couples in the blessing. Father's matching was very strict along the guidelines of purity. He matched the second generation and then the first generation that were pure (Noted by yellow dots on their registration badge meaning they had no sexual relations in their life.) Then he matched many who were new members but who had some relations before the church.

Then the continental directors were given authority to match those who were eligible for re-blessing and those who made mistakes after they joined the church in terms of their purity. Also, second generation who made the mistake of the fall could be pre-matched by their parents and through holy wine restored back into the lineage of heaven.

It was quite something to see people just come together so naturally as if it were made already in heaven. We organized the individuals by categories and age. Then they stood in lines as candidates (30 at a time). One line for men, one line for women facing each other. Dr. Yang, and various continental directors and myself would go down the line and do the matching. Each matched couple had to discuss whether they felt ok with the matching. If they did they did Kyung Beh and then turned in their name cards.

The younger candidates (18 - 30) were much more simple. The group in their 40's more difficult and the in the 50's and 60's very very difficult. The older group had been blessed before and many had children and their was much to consider. How precious it is to have our spouses. There is nothing more heavy in our movement than to be a faithful member without a partner. Somehow through the tragic turns of fate many lost their spouses to divorce. These beautiful faithful people suffered so much. (some of course made mistakes - and many times it was the problems of the ancestors or cultural backgrounds - sometimes it was the one who left who is totally at fault, we all remember that Father himself lost his first wife when she couldn't walk the way of faith with him). Whatever the reason. It is unhappy to be alone. For years - decades there was no hope and no provision for those who lost their spouses. There was no way to fulfill the four-position foundation. There was no way to find happiness and joy.

Then, through the 120 City World Tour, a new spirit of grace was released by our True Parents. All must be healed and re-blessed. Now the gate has opened. However we must be responsible. We must work hard to find and match all the Blessed members who lost their spouse and have not been completed.

It was truly amazing to see the hearts and the desires of our beautiful blessed members who simply wanted to fulfill the ideal of heaven. We could see in these brave souls that they went over a lot to come to Chung Pyung. Many many more are in this category but just didn't feel "ready" for it. Now they all can get ready. We now have the authority from True Parents to begin a massive healing process in our family and community throughout the world. Now is the time.

Koreans, Japanese, Americans, Africans, Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, Filipinos and all nations were there for the re-blessing. No race or country was exempt from broken blessings. The difficulty of keeping the blessing is no small thing. Satan attacks the blessed couple repeatedly. However, True Parents are relentless in restoring the family. Now all families that were broken must be restored. Everyone must eventually have the four- position foundation.

The matching time was one of many miracles. We would introduce couples and they would discuss. Some wept profusely that God gave them another chance to be blessed directly by True Parents. One couple after another. Sometimes, due to the age being over 50 it was very difficult for brothers and sisters to decide.

However, some were determined to find the right person. It was really interesting to see how God worked. One distinguished looking American gentleman from Minnesota became very sick with stomach flu the moment he arrived in Chung Pyung. He was in the hospital the whole time. He was blessed before but it broke. He was in his late 50's. He only talked about going home. Then right in the last three hours before the blessing he suddenly emerged from his sickness and came forward impeccably dressed and ready for matching. Mrs. Erikawa did incredible work for the last few weeks reviewing all the candidates from America and interviewing them to understand their situation. Because of that when she saw the gentleman she remembered one Japanese sister from Canada that was still not matched. She introduced them just before the blessing (maybe 15 minutes) before. Amazingly it turned out he was raised in Okinawa (his Father was in the U.S. government) and he speaks perfect Japanese!! It was a match made by heaven.

Another brother came from the Ivory Coast. He went to Sun Moon University and speaks Korean, French, English and Spanish. He is a college graduate and a very special brother but somehow we couldn't find a match for him. All through the night we kept trying. But somehow it didn't work out. He never lost hope. The morning of the blessing a sister from France showed up (she had just arrived). She was looking for a spouse. When she heard about this brother from Africa she was very interested. Finally they met at Chung Pyung just thirty minuses before the blessing, they both started speaking French and they were so happy. They accepted the matching and went forward in faith. Truly another cross cultural historic blessing.

There are so many amazing stories. Certainly destiny is guiding people in such a beautiful way. It is not by chance. Beautiful couples brought together by the power of heaven. One American from New York of Italian descent just never gave up. It was hopeless, then suddenly at the Holy Wine Ceremony he was there with a beautiful spouse. They somehow found each other. His wife is Asian. Another was a very famous poet from Serbia and Montenegro - he was imprisoned by Slobadan Milosovich for his outspoken writings for peace and freedom. He was two times presidential candidate in Serbia. In the last hour he met his wife. She is beautiful - they are blessed now.

Brothers and sisters, if you have not been taking good care of your spouse, repent!!! When you see the reality of someone who has no spouse but who faithfully wants to build the kingdom it is very very sad and lonely for them. We don't appreciate our spouses enough. We often take them for granted because we don't really understand how empty life is when you truly want to stand as God's image and representative and though your heart is good you simply cannot be complete without your companion. The power of the blessing is that it fulfills the purpose of life. Please, brothers and sisters, let us make a completely new effort to take care of our spouses. Let us go forward and help every family in America and the world to be healed. God and True Parents have opened the door. We must find someone for each and every person so that they can fulfill the purpose of life and have True joy and happiness.

One American brother from Texas longed for a wife that loves True Parents and wants to work for heaven. We looked in so many ways. So many sisters didn't want to be blessed with him, even though he has a good spiritual life and a good financial situation. He is 56 and many around that age don't want to move and are really scared that it will be another heartbreak. Then suddenly after hours and hours, he met a special sister from Japan who Mrs. Erikawa introduced. They talked and talked (through an interpreter) and then she began to cry uncontrollably. She knew that she could trust him. She had longed for so many years to be whole again. She just wanted a good faithful man. She has one child. She wept and wept. She is a very beautiful Japanese sister in her 50's. Her weeping with tears of joy made the brother cry. He became a real elder brother to her. He began to weep and cry. Then they were bonded together in heart. They both love God and True Parents. She wants to have a husband that likes his wife to do work with outreach. He was longing for a wife that will join him in outreach to the ACLC churches and the community. They found it. They are blessed now. They are still weeping with tears of gratitude. How long they wandered alone and abandoned with no hope and no where to turn. Now the springtime has come again and a new day has dawned in the history of the Family Movement. The Blessed couples now must be healed and completed. True Parents are healing the world with their Grace, Love and Holy Blessing.

Springtime has come. True Love Reigns in Chung Pyung!!!

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