The Words of the Jenkins Family

God's Day Midnight Prayer And Motto

Michael Jenkins
December 31, 2005

Dear Family,

True Parents entered for the True God's Day Midnight prayer looking vibrant and radiating love. Father and Mother work traditional Korean Han Boks. They looked great.

Father prayed: (This is only a rough summary from memory). Father prayed to comfort God that since the Fall of man God lost his children Adam and Eve. The history of struggle was to restore this. The third Adam's position was to restore the failures of Adam's family and the mistakes of Jesus' family. We have entered a completely new era in this 6th year of Cheon Il Guk. There must be the reconciliation and end of all strife taking away the suffering of the Palestine and take away the conflict of the Jewish, Christians and Muslims there and ending the suffering of all brothers and sisters due to the division of North and South Korea. The 120 cities of the World tour symbolized restoring the 120 disciples of Jesus and on that foundation establishing the Universal Peace Federation which is the Abel UN to bring peace on the earth. We pray for the establishment of the Bering Strait World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel which will ensure peace for humanity.

Father prayed with tears.

Then Father and Mother stood behind the table and Father wrote the Caligraphy of the Motto for this 6th year of Cheon Il Guk:

2006 Motto

The Era of the Complete Settlement of the Ideal Providence of Heaven and Earth (as announced by Dr. Peter Kim - it still may undergo minor revisions)

Then Father announced that as a grandfather and elder he would like to follow the Korean tradition of giving gifts to everyone there. There are 12,000 gathered so Father made a lottery so that 120 will receive a very special gift and all the 12,000 will receive a gift to begin the new year.

We left the hall with such a feeling of love from True Parents.

Happy True God's Day!!!!


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