The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Responsibility of the Elder Son Nation - Kodan

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President, FFWPU - Midwest
ACC Regional Director
June 1, 1999

First, I want to express my gratitude to our True Parents for saving America and restoring America into the Elder Son Nation through True Parents victorious 80 City World Tour. On April 11, after the completion of the 24 City Tour in the U.S. True Father proclaimed that Korea, Japan and America are now forgiven of their failures and restored into their providential positions.

Together with Dr. Hendricks, I was asked to accompany True Mother on the 24 City Tour in America. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to our True Parents. I am so inspired by our True Parents! True Mother's Tour was a most amazing victory and outpouring of support from America.

On the recent tour throughout America, True Mother first taught about the "Heart" of the Elder Son, then she taught us about the responsibility of the Elder Son. She said that the heart of a "True Elder Son" one of filial piety, that bursts into to tears which he sees his parents' hair turning gray and wrinkles developing on their faces while they continue to sacrifice so much. Such a son is overwhelmed with a feeling of sorrow and repentance that he did not do enough to alleviate the sorrow and hard life of his parents.

As an Elder Son Nation we must lift off the burden of the Father and Mother Nation. The Father Nation of Korea suffered an incredible cross of suffering for America to be raised up. So many Korean elders and families were totally sacrificed to save America. Guided by our True Parents, the Mother Nation of Japan also sacrificed its members and suffered extreme hardship to give financial support that America might live.

Therefore True Mother spoke clearly that Japan bore the burden of True Parents financial responsibility to save the world. It is now the time for the Elder Son Nation to stand up and take such responsibility. Secondly, America must lead the way in the 400 million young couple blessing providence.

Based on this inspiration I believe that to fulfill our Elder Son's mission we must support the work of the Kodan movement.

Recently, an elder group of Americans who are members of the ACC organization had a national meeting in Arizona.

Mr. Michael Smith, ACC National President, invited Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi to attend and share about this dispensation. Mr. Kobayashi shared True Father's words that were given to Japanese members when they were first directed by True Parents to shoulder the financial burden for God's dispensation. It was very inspiring and encouraging because Father said that Japan's prosperity and economic boom at that time was connected to God's providence so that Japan could support True Parent's world mission. Now, as Father has transferred this responsibility to America, this nation is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom that is again God's preparation that

... America can fulfill its economic responsibility to save the world.

Then Mrs. Kobayashi shared with such a deep heart about how she now feels that a new beginning has occurred. Our responsibility is now to raise $7 million dollars as a first step to fulfill the elder son's financial responsibility. Mr. Kobayashi pointed out that if all the families who attended Dae Mo Nim's liberation were to fulfill True Parents request for $300 per spouse per month, we would fulfill the $7 million dollar goal. The American leaders prayed together with Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi on a mountaintop in Arizona pledging that we will fulfill this goal. We can do it! We must do it! On the foundation of the $7 million dollar victory abundant blessing- will pour out from heaven on America and True Parent's heart will be lifted.

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