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American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Outline and instructions for the International Leadership Conference (ILC) Ambassadors of Peace Conference

Fall, 2001

Introduction: Presented by Moderator (FFWPU Person)

Estimated Time Segment: 10 minutes

The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) is a broad-based coalition of pastors, ministers, religious leaders and evangelists committed to the work of rebuilding the family, restoring the community, renewing the nation and the world. Its main purpose is to bring guidance and hope to America through the leadership of ministers. Over 14,000 men and women of faith have heard and embraced the message of this important ministry.

Founded in the year 2000, the ACLC was birthed out of a divine vision given to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Founder of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and the Co-Founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. He has provided the inspiration and direction of the establishment of an interdenominational and interreligious association of Christian ministers dedicated to the cause of world peace and unity.

The project began in Seoul, Korea and the De-militarized Zone (DMZ) with prayers for peace, reconciliation and healing. A new vision for America was invoked. 120 Ministers representing all faiths released 120 doves as a symbol of peace and reconciliation. After the 120 Ministers returned to America, each was challenged to recruit and educate 12 other Ministers, assisting them in understanding the value of the Blessing Ceremony and teaching them the importance of true family values.

The concept of 144,000 Family Flags was introduced and churches were presented with a flag, representing peace in the family, to hang in their sanctuaries. Since that time, the ACLC has held a series of conferences and revivals with sponsors of the 50 State "We Will Stand In Oneness" National Tour to bring this country to an awareness and understanding that we must stand together for our families, communities and the salvation of our nation. Watches were given out as a symbol of the ordination and commission by God to be prophetic leaders, giving a new direction and vision to this country, centering on the international leadership of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Today, the mission of the ACLC has been broadened to include bringing together Jews, Christians and Muslims in a collaborative and mutual effort to work for world peace and reconciliation, standing together and united as one. Its members refuse to allow the walls of denomination and doctrine, race and ethnicity to stand between them in their efforts to build bridges of mutual respect and cooperation. Their goal is to work arduously for the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth as they call the human family to assume the original position that God intended it.

Plans are underway to establish ACLC Chapters throughout the country, beginning with an Executive Committee in each of the 50 States in America, to reflect on critical issues confronting churches, mosques, synagogues and temples in their mission to the family, community, nation and world. The Statement of Purpose of the ACLC is reflected in the following principles:

1. To unify the body of Christ (The Christian Churches)
2. To break down denominational barriers and then to embrace all religions.
3. To dissolve racial barriers by practicing the principle of loving one's enemies.
4. To provide moral direction for America and its leaders.
5. To promote the blessing of marriage and the end of divorce as well as strengthening family ties and cultivating a healthy environment for youth in the family and the community.
6. To bring salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
7. To actively participate in the renewal of the community by working together with people of faith and such organizations to address the needs of the people.
8. To acknowledge and invite the Holy Spirit to work and then inspire and direct the people of the nation.
9. To work for an environment of living for the sake of others.
10 .To enlist its membership as Promoters of the Family Flag and Ambassadors For World Peace in working together for unity among all Faiths.

Membership in the ACLC is open to all men and women of faith in ministry who wish to join us in our dedication to interdenominational and interracial unity, our commitment to tear down the walls that separate and divide us and our efforts to build bridges of peace and reconciliation.

Hoon Dok Reading and Explanation Of Father Moon's Relationship With Jesus and America

Estimated Time Segment: 10 minute presentation + 5 minute Hoon Dok Reading = 15 minutes

On Easter Sunday morning in 1936, Jesus Christ appeared to a young Sun Myung Moon at the age of 15. Jesus chose him for the special ministry of bringing true peace throughout the world. Although he was young, he felt the burden of the mission of Jesus as his own. Father Moon did not formally begin his mission until the age of 24. During that time of his youth, he walked and talked with Jesus every moment of every single day, growing in a deeper understanding of what Jesus wanted him to do and becoming one with Him. Jesus took special care as Sun Myung's spiritual Father and explained to him the hidden problems of the world and sharing with Father Moon in the early days of his spiritual life.

It is important to know that Jesus called and chose Father Moon for an extraordinary mission. How many of us can remember the time when Jesus called us; and the response we gave to Him when it happened? For many of us, it seems as though it were just yesterday. But, none of us has the capacity of venturing out on our own without a spiritual experience of Jesus. Some of us have been preaching and teaching for more than 20 years, yet we still rely and depend upon Jesus' guidance every day.

In Father Moon's call, Jesus shared with him how He had been misunderstood by the masses in carrying out the mission that God, the Father, had given Him. Father Moon felt the deepest pain of the heart of Jesus and desired more than anything to relieve that pain and sorrow by offering his life to fulfill the will of God as Jesus had done. Father Moon set out by seeking answers to the tragedy and problems of the world. In his deep spiritual quest, Jesus transported him into the spirit world and showed him God's plan for man and woman in the beginning of creation and the consequences of Adam and Eve's Fall in the Garden of Eden. During his time of learning and studying, Father Moon wore out three (3) Bibles, reading and underlining passages until the pages became almost illegible. In many cases, he was taught directly by Jesus, his spiritual Father, because there were many questions that were not answered in the Bible and many mysteries that were now being revealed.

After intensive study, preparation, acts of self-denial and communion with Jesus, Father Moon began his ministry by focusing on the restoration of the human family by establishing true families. He sought to bring about world peace through families and the unification of world Christianity. It was not his intention to establish another church or denomination but to act as an instrument in bringing about unity within Christianity.

In the process, Father Moon not only suffered persecution, he was put in prison and tortured for teaching about the life and mission of Jesus' sacrifice and crucifixion while He was on the earth. Father Moon was once tortured so badly that he was pronounced dead and thrown out to be buried. But, God brought him back to life after 40 days to preach again about his favorite topic, Jesus. He was caught and arrested again because of his fervent and undying love for Jesus. After coming to a deep awareness of the great sorrow of God which no one in history had understood, he promised God and Jesus that he would continue the mission of not only preaching about Jesus but living as Jesus would live if he were in his body. For that reason, Father Moon coined the phrase, "LIVING FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS." Let us now turn our attention to a short reading that reflects the mission God and Jesus gave to Father Moon in bringing about unity and world peace. (Hoon Dok Reading follows).

Introduction To The "We Will Stand" In Oneness Video

Estimated Time Segment: 3 minute Presentation+12 minute Video=15 minutes

Recently, the ACLC accompanied the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon across America, visiting 52 cities in 50 States in 52 days on the "We Will Stand in Oneness" National Tour, proclaiming a message of True Parenthood and True Family Values. The video is a moving documentary on the centrality of Father Moon's mission to establish true family values and world peace and a stirring tribute to his tireless efforts to live for the sake of others. The video also highlights the work of the ACLC in its revival mission of America and the role of its ministers as the first Ambassadors for Peace. Also featured is the world-renowned Blessing Ceremony, the multifaceted ministry of the Family Federation for World Peace and the efforts of men and women of goodwill to restore and heal the nation in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedies. We hope that you will enjoy the video and experience the power of God moving us in a new direction for unity and world peace.

Show Video

Presentation of 3-fold Theme of ACLC

(Please note: These concepts can be expanded upon in your presentation. When adding additional reflections, please be sure to include central concepts below) Rebuild The Family (FFWPU Leader of Clergy)

Estimated Time Segment: 8 minutes

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He crowned His work with the creation of man and woman in His image and after His own likeness. God bestowed upon them a triple blessing: namely, to be fruitful, to multiply and subdue the earth.

It did not take humanity long to fall from grace. Sin entered and humanity was no longer God-centered. With sin came a loss of the original position that God desired and intended for man and woman who were called to be the visible manifestation of the invisible God. The family is the purpose of life. Before Adam and Eve could become a family under God, their sin cast them out of the Garden of Eden and God's presence.

They conceived and bore children outside the Garden and under the blood lineage of Satan, not of God. They became a family under Satan. What was lost in the Garden can only be restored to humanity when the family is restored! The restoration process begins with marriages that are committed to fidelity and perpetuity. The Bible says that what God has joined together let no man put asunder. (Mt.19:4-6)

Through the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing of Marriage, couples pledge their allegiance to God and not to Satan. What destroys the family are adultery and divorce. The Bible warns us that "whosoever committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul." (Prov. 6:32) In regards to divorce, Jesus says that except if she commits adultery there will be no divorce. Divorce destroys the moral fabric of a home and leads to the breakup of marriage and the breakdown of family and community. True marital Love is committed and focused on one another and not multiple partners. There is no room for spare keys in a covenantal relationship. The husband reserve his sexual organ belongs to his wife alone. His libido cannot roam about aimlessly, seeking whatever pleases it. A wife must realize that her sexual organ is the exclusive reserve of her husband. Both husband and wife have to throw away any and all spare keys and realize that only one key can unlock true love and commitment. In throwing away the spare keys, they are beholden wholly and devotedly to one another.

Couples are called to become True Parents, imaging Jesus and the Holy Spirit who give spiritual rebirth and are Models of the True Family.

Restore the Community (Presented by an ACLC Clergy)

Estimated Time Segment: 8 minutes

The restoration of the community requires families who are committed to true family values and willing to tear down the walls that separate them from one another. The community is the macrocosm of family units linked together. An Ethiopian proverb states: "the ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people." The work of restoration must begin in each home and spread throughout the community and the nation.

America is still in crisis as a result of Tuesday, September 11th and its citizens are searching for a sense of renewed hope. We must work to restore the family to a relationship with God, the Church and the larger society. Much work is required in bringing about a spirit of unity and harmony among the various faith expressions and communities of believers, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim. We must tear down the walls of fear, denominationalism and racism, challenging the Christian churches to become one as expressed in the Pauline concept of the body of Christ and to assume their role as the Second Israel. Churches must begin to relate and embrace one another, no matter what be the faith expression, like the 12 tribes of Israel. It is incumbent upon us as men of women of faith in ministry to work toward presenting our churches, mosques, temples and synagogues as larger expressions of the family unit.

Renew the Nation and the World (Presented by an ACLC Clergy)

Estimated Time Segment: 8 minutes

The ACLC embraces all religions as it seeks to lead the way in renewing the nation and the world. It is committed to building bridges, not to worshipping walls that separate and divide communities of believers one from another.

Since its inception, it has opened lines of communication among the different religions in spite of their denominational and doctrinal differences to work on issues of common concern that benefit the nation and the world. The ACLC has challenged its ministers to lead the way in calling all races to love and embrace each other.

Exercising a prophetic role, it has given guidance to political leaders on local, state and national levels on issues that impact the well being of persons to whom they minister. The inspiration and motivation for the work of the ACLC is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon: anointed, appointed and approved by God to lead the way in establishing Ambassadors for Peace at this critical moment in American history. As the Second Israel, Rev. Moon sees Christianity as the key religion called to embrace and serve the world.  He envisions a day when religious leaders, forming an upper house of moral and spiritual leadership in America and the United Nations, will light the path of political leaders and guide the world.

Father Moon has charged Ministers with the task of serving as bridges in closing the chasm between church and state and in bringing about harmony and justice in addressing the major issues that face us today as a nation and world. Rev. Moon not only strongly advocates interracial, but, interreligious marriages as a means of bringing the world together as one. He has committed his life and resources toward efforts that are consistent with his goal of establishing and true lasting world peace. He is convinced that Religious leaders should lead the way in renewing the nation and world and in ushering the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Call To Action And Closing (Led by Moderator)

Estimated Time Segment: 8 minutes

The video today reminded us that "We Are One." We are one in our efforts to rebuild the Family, restore the Community, and renew the Nation and the World. We are united in our collective work to labor for world peace and bring about the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth. And, we will stand for True Parenthood and True Family Values.

The immediate goal of the ACLC is to complete its efforts of distributing the Family Flag to 144,000 churches. The flags remind us that we are called to be families and Ambassadors for Peace. Displaying the flag will attract good spirits and bring forth an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It will also aid us in our efforts to attract 144,000 Minister Couples in preparation for Blessing Ceremony 2002 on April 27th in Washington, D.C.

In the spirit of the first 120 Ministers who formed the foundational membership of the ACLC, each Minister will be challenged to go and bring 12 other Ministers to join us in fellowship. The Ambassadors for Peace is an ongoing project. As Ambassadors for Peace, the ACLC will continue to bring churches and denominations together to find ways and means of solving community problems and arriving at concrete solutions. It will strengthen the institution of marriage by showing the benefits of partaking in the Blessing Ceremony. It pledges to build bridges by calling its membership together at least quarterly to discuss national and international problems and providing guidance to local, state and national leaders in their efforts to work for lasting peace and harmony among all peoples. In our quest for unity and world peace, we conclude the ACLC Presentation with a Litany of Prayer:

Litany of Prayer


Let us turn to our God in prayer, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael, seeking His divine protection and beseeching His grace and mercy. May God grant us peace and security in times of war and conflict. Let our response be to each prayer: "Lord, make us instruments of Your justice and peace."


Prayer #1

For a spirit of interreligious dialogue, respect and cooperation as a means of seeking a resolution to the current conflict in which nations of the world now find themselves, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #2

For the President of the United States, George Walker Bush, that God will grant him wisdom and prudence in the exercise of his office so that in seeking justice he may do so with the goal of achieving lasting peace, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #3

For an end to ethnic and cultural strife, conflict and racial prejudice, that we may not judge one another by the evil deeds of a few but embrace one another in love and peace, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #4

For those who cry for war, may they seek peace, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #5

For the Islamic and Arab community, that Allah our God will safeguard and protect them as they stand with us in responding to the acts of terrorism, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #6

For a national healing of memories, that the atrocities of Tuesday, September 11th will not defeat us in our resolve to return to normalcy to our everyday lives as we honor our dead, restore what was lost and rise to the heights of our greatness, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #7

For all of the unsung heroes and heroines who placed themselves in harm's way to rescue those in peril on September 11th, may their names be written in the Book of Life, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #8

For the rebuilding of families, the restoration of our communities and the renewal of our nation and world, may we become the people that God desires us to be, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #9

For all of those who take upon themselves the mantle of Ambassadors of Peace, may they be repairers of the breach and the restorers of lost ruins, let us pray to the Lord.

Prayer #10

For all of those who have shared in the vision for the renewal of the family and nation, may we respond to the contemporary global crisis with due diligence and commitment to make our nation and world a safer place for our children and our children's children, let us pray to the Lord.


Eternal God, our Father, You have been our help in ages past and You, alone, are our Hope for years to come. Help us to act with prudence and wisdom, responsibility and humility as we seek to bring about justice and peace. May You be our guide while life shall last and our eternal home. We ask this in Your name. Let all believers say:


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