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Interfaith Prayer Breakfast and Day of Prayer and Healing - Clergy Respond to Terrorist Attack

Mike Jenkins
October, 2001

On Sunday September 23, 2001 over 1000 clergy joined together for the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. The Secretary of State of New York, Rev. Preston Washington of Harlem and many important representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all world religions attended. The head of the Queens Federation of Churches and National Bd. member of the National Council of Churches joined in the litany of prayer that was organized by Bishop Stallings. Fourteen representatives of every major religion offered prayers for the victims of the September 11th tragedy in NY and Washington. They also prayed for peace.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak represented our True Parents with a beautiful speech calling for peace through interfaith unity. President David Caprara brought Rev. Macklin faith based liaison for the Governor. President Caprera also introduced the One Church One Family effort to engage churches in disaster relief for the WTC victims. Betsy Orman is a super AFC hero. She literally brought dozens of VIP's including the secretary of state. She also had a hand in helping Gary Jarmin secure a letter to the event from President Bush.

Our VIP team did an excellent job as we visited the National Council of Churches headquarters and met the heads of the Methodist, Episcopal, American Baptist and Presbyterian churches and welcomed representatives from each at the breakfast. There is a new feeling of openness to True Father. Many AFC leaders gave great support, especially Tom Cutts, Eugene Harnet, Carl Swearson, Scott Simonds, Joshua Cotter and many others.

Special thanks to the Regional Directors who dropped everything in their regions to come to NY for the MSG Blessing. The District leaders in New York sacrificed everything and now New York and New Jersey have a very formidable and real base with the clergy.

Renowned Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker came to the rally in Harlem. CNN, CBS and many other media covered the event. The ministers feel very strongly as they heard Father's words concerning the Elder Son Nation. Father said, as the Elder Son nation America cannot attack its younger brothers. If it does it could lead to a religious war and eventually a race war. The ministers are drafting a statement to the President to pray for him and his deliberations.

Day of Prayer and Healing

The Harlem Day of Prayer and Healing attracted approximately 3000 people. Bishop Billy Robinson of the Church of God in Christ attended with full support. Rev. Galvan and the Bronx turned out over 200 ministers. Rev. Park, a major leader of the National Baptist Convention is proposing that the NBC make an official partnership with ACLC.

Dr. Wyatt Walker told Bishop Stallings that he couldn't believe that we could have that kind of event with two days notice. (He knew that our other venue closer to the WTC was not permitted and that we changed on Thurs. am.)

I really want to thank the America for your support and love.

Many western sisters, as with the 50 state tour, mobilized and sacrificed so much to work here full time. Denver, Chicago, Indiana, California, San Francisco and many other regions gave so much here.

Now we have time to build the 12,000 couple blessing of the ministers and expand on to the next level blessing. The clergy are marching in heart with our True Parents.

Special thanks to Rev. Levy Daugherty, Dr. Kenyata of Harlem and Bishop Stallings and Bishop J.. . Bishop J. took 40 ministers last night to ground zero. Every time we go the police and firemen are so grateful for the counseling and someone to talk to. We went after the rally with took 40 ministers last night to ground zero. Every time we go the police and firemen are so grateful for the counseling and someone to talk to. We went after the rally with Bishop J. in the lead our ministers were given special All Access status to minister to the police, like Rev. Kathy Winings has been doing.

When we visited ground zero we were there with chaplains that had come from the Oklahoma bombing disaster. They gave us good advice on the trauma that hits the police and firemen.

Bishop J. has received the nickname from some of the police as Bishop Zero. (For Ground zero).He plans on taking many more ministers to the site. We must continue to come together and support the efforts of the rescue workers every way we can.

The clergy foundation is becoming very solid. They suffered through great persecution and overcame to bring victory for September 22nd.

Again, I really thank all of our family, especially the New York and New Jersey blessed central families for tremendous support. Dr. Yang gave certificates of appreciation tonight. Dr. Wyatt Walker thought that it was the greatest rally he had ever seen in Harlem. Thank you God !! Thank you True Parents !! Thank you Jesus !! Thank you America!!!

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