The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Needs True Love

Michael Jenkins
June, 2000

Greetings to all families and friends in the Name of the Lord. On April 20th upon the completion of the North American portion of True Mother’s victorious World Speaking tour, True Father announced the beginning of a new 40-year dispensation centering on the Fourth Adam. He also stated that we have entered the age of settlement—an age of prosperity and happiness.

The question I would like to ask our families at this time is this. Are you feeling prosperous and happy? I sincerely hope so.

The blessed couples and their second and third generations are the great people of God who continue to walk the path of a chosen religious people. As chosen people we should also be confident that the time has come to claim our inheritance. As Israel was about to pass into Canaan the land of settlement the Lord spoke unto Joshua and said, "….now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving them, to the sons of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you…" (Joshua 1:2-4)

Do you feel the authority to claim your inheritance? I would like to state that I have personally experienced this authority myself and it is real. I see more and more blessed families standing up to claim what God has given them. And now I see our larger Christian family of all denominations crossing the Jordan side by side with us. Together we will claim back what was taken from God and build a Kingdom of True love.

Together we will claim our families back from the bitterness of divorce. Together, we will claim our communities back from darkness. Together we now have the power to claim back our true brotherhood as black, white, Hispanic, Asian and Indian brothers and sisters. Are you ready to stake your claim? How can we claim our rightful inheritance?

My experiences over the last few years have taught me that True Parents have found the key to prosperity and happiness. What is it? Living, loving and giving for the sake of others. If we apply this principle then our right of inheritance can be transferred and we will be prosperous and happy.

In the last three years I traveled to 52 cities with True Mother. No matter how tired she was or what the circumstances were, she was always loving and giving. I have countless memories of Mother pushing herself to give love to others. In every city – city after city. Whenever the children were around she would always open a box of chocolates and share with each child. In San Francisco True Mother heard that one of our dedicated sisters who works with ministers lost her husband in the Korean War. She simply smiled at her and held her hand. About 15 minutes later as we were leaving suddenly Won Ju appeared and said True Mother wants you to have her necklace. It was a beautiful and precious necklace. Behind it was infinite love. This particular sister will never forget the love she received on that day. It gave much greater meaning to the sacrifice she and her husband made for America and Korea.

In one city we could see that Mother was at the point of total exhaustion and was not sleeping much. We begged Mother to rest but she came out to have dinner with the members. She put sunglasses on to hide her fatigue and requested that there be no pictures. Ever so slowly she sipped on the soup that was served and I can never forget how she just put herself out at the table – just to love the members. Slowly she revived and soon she was laughing and smiling as many who had never been with her before gave their testimonies.

In Los Angeles Mother heard about the suffering of one of our missionaries who is fighting a life and death battle with disease. A few minutes later, Mother came out of her room and called Sheri Reuter. She said, "Sheri could you please see that our sister gets this gift from me."

In Chicago, John and Noriko Ogden wept as they told the story of how they were disappointed by one minister for 3 years by one minister. Year after year the minister would say that he would bring his people to True Mother’s speech. Each year the bus was empty. This year John wanted to give up, but somehow they tried one more time. This time the minister brought two buses of his congregation!!

John was weeping because he realized that True Parents never gave up on America. When he understood this he could not stop the tears as he felt how deep True Parents love was for America. With real sincerity he expressed gratitude to True Father and True Mother for not giving up on America. True Mother was very moved by this real experience. I found that True Parents never forget a blessed family that demonstrates true love. Later that day, on the way to the airport Mother suddenly expressed her love for this couple and their testimony – she sent a gift back for them and told Bishop Kim to thank them and encourage them. Her love is real.

The source of this love is True Father. Day after day I see Father patiently guiding us and encouraging us to embrace Christianity and all religions as well as all American leaders of every persuasion. If I could only convey the heart with which Father chose gold watches for the 120 key Christian ministers. Never before have I seen such a tender and sensitive love as expressed by Father for the Christian leaders.

In choosing the gift watch, he spent a long time carefully listening to the Christian Bernhard representative telling the various qualities of each watch. How they were made, the depth they could withstand under the water, the source of the diamonds on their dial, the quality of the gold, and most importantly how they could be passed from generation to generation. Father wanted to hear even the smallest detail—so that he could make the best possible choice for the Lord’s precious Bride – The Bride of Christ.

This is the love that flows from the wellspring of eternal life but to tap into it we ourselves must resonate with it. How ?? By giving love. Give love in all and every situation. If you become consistent with this you will find that love will grow in your heart. Soon you will find that God’s blessing seems to be multiplying around you. Prosperity will be your inheritance. Prosperity of the spirit. Prosperity of health and prosperity in material and financial blessing.

If we give, we will become the image and likeness of God himself. Your absolute authority to claim your inheritance will solidify to the degree that you become a constant source of love for all and everything around you. If you do, great prosperity and happiness will be yours forever. And the Lord said unto Joshua, "Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou may do according to all the law, … that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest" (Joshua 1:7)

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