The Words of the Jones Family

Testimonies from the Las Vegas Original Divine Principle Workshop

Betsy Jones, Carl Hagen, and Paul Moore
June 10, 2009

The Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History was held at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 4-8, 2009. It is part of True Parents' dedication to change the culture of the entire world starting in the mess that is Las Vegas. Amidst the casinos and posters advertising topless shows, 386 Unification Church members gathered to set a condition of unity with God and True Parents. From 5 am until 9 pm or later every day, members listened to lectures on the Family Pledge (by Rev. Ki Hoon Kim), the Original Divine Principle (by Rev. Michael Jenkins) and True Parents' Life Course (by Dr. Chang Shik Yang). The lecturers had been directly appointed by True Parents to represent them. Also included in the schedule were daily viewings of Lovin' Life Ministries services.

One special highlight of the workshop was a sightseeing tour of Hoover Dam. True Parents have recently visited Hoover Dam many times as part of a special Jeong Seong (jung sung) condition to restore the world centering on the Pacific Rim. Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle are all included as part of the Pacific Rim.

Testimonies From Members Who Attended

Betsy Jones
New York

I am so grateful to be here. Thank you God and True Parents for calling us to this providence with deep love. It’s very difficult to express how much we receive blessing and revitalize my spirit. I was praying what I can do until 2013, often with tears. I don’t have so much ability before God. But at least I want to do something for God and True Parents. I determined once a week to fundraise for Kodan.

Through this precious Original Divine Principle workshop I gained lots of love and spiritual food. I was given a deeper understanding of God’s word and God’s shimjung. I could see more clearly where I was and feel more aligned to my original mind.

I could feel how much True Parents have invested in helping my husband and me become a BCF and how much we owe to others to have this great opportunity.

I repent and restart with motivation to make God and True Parents happy.

Carl Hagen
Bay Area Family Church
Northern California

Thank you for organizing this conference and inviting me. I am deeply grateful to be here, attending this historical event.

I believe many of us may have been stuck spiritually and needed rebirth; new life through God’s word, the Original Divine Principle. I sure was. This was a new beginning for me in my faith, renewing a strong desire to actively participate in this new educational providence.

It was a wonderful blessing to see and be with True Parents, even briefly.

We have a great responsibility to bring the spirit, energy and content back to our brothers and sisters and especially to our second generation. Everything here, all conveying of content happened so rapid-fire, we will need some time to quickly digest, review, discuss among our alumnus and figure out the best way to translate or convey this experience to others.

In addition we need to understand clearly how to prioritize our “next steps” or action items for not only these next four years but for this immediate period from now, through August 8 and beyond.

Rev Jenkins did an incredible job of whipping through the mandated content at warp speed, and yet with beautiful stories, anecdotes, and muted levity. This must have been extremely difficult.

This was an abundant, surprising, and timely blessing for me and all of us. We will “spread the word.”

District 10

Thank you True Parents for this workshop! This has been for me a very moving moment and turning point in my life of faith. The presentations have helped me to understand more clearly True Parents' heart and the providential path True Parents are walking. Also I have been given insight into the ways I must change to fit the vision True Parents have for this country of America.

True Parents, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Paul Moore
Santa Barbara, CA.

There were so many wonderful brothers and sisters at the workshop. The general atmosphere was so loving. There were so many old and new friends to be with. Although I was a little on the edge in the beginning to decide to come, it was a perfect decision to come. As soon as I was informed that True Parents would be there I felt encouraged to come. Although I had prior commitments and responsibilities with work and family, I still was able "to make room" to go.

Through this workshop the Principle made more sense than ever before. My 21-year-old son Preston had a similar experience.

There is something about becoming more God-centered that makes the workshop fee ever so worth the value. It was worth $2400.

That Hoover Dam was something to see. It was a first time experience for me.

The buffet sure was fun. I had so much to eat every meal. I've been trying to gain weight because I am so skinny. But it didn't really help.

The giant swimming pool was 250,000 gallons of fun.

The warm air in the evening was so embracing. It was like getting a hug from the air.

The bed was so comfortable I felt like I could just melt right into it.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to make this workshop so very valuable.

Any Unificationist is welcome to call me if they want to hear more. 

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