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December Programs of UPF-Peru

Trevor Jones
January 4, 2012
UPF -- Peru

Lima, Peru -- Ambassadors for Peace in Peru concluded the year with a number of activities in December: a meeting in the Congress, regional activities in Puno and Trujillo, and, taking into account the Christmas season, a visit to a women's prison to donate gifts to the inmates as well as a traditional Chocolatada: the festive activity of giving chocolate drinks, presents, and Christmas cakes (panetones) to people in one of the poorer districts of Lima.

Vice President Dr. Orestes Sanchez also continued to invest in his peace mission, visiting many mayors and other leaders in the region of Tumbes in the north of Peru to share the UPF message of peace and building one world under God.

The meeting in the Congress, co-sponsored by Ambassador for Peace Congressman Dr. Yhony Lescano and the College of Extrajudicial Conciliators, was an event to recognize and promote the work of people in the field of peace and reconciliation. Dr. Trevor Jones, President of UPF-Peru, received a Diploma of Honor for his valuable contribution to this activity in Peru.

Ambassador for Peace Carlos Turrin Villanueva, President of CAPAC (a prison ministry), organized a meeting in the women's prison in Lima in which a Nativity play was presented and gifts were given to the inmates for their children.

Also during 2011, more than 3,000 copies were distributed of the autobiography of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Many important people received a copy, including congressmen, mayors, other government officials, academics, and community leaders. 

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