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Women's Day Forum at Peruvian Congress

Faith Jones
March 8, 2012
UPF -- Peru

Lima, Peru -- Ambassadors for Peace and an invited audience that reflected all areas of society joined together in the Peruvian Congress on March 8 to celebrate the International Day of Women. With Congressman Dr. Yonhy Lescano and his wife Patricia joining UPF as co-sponsors, participants were fortunate to have a day of bright sunshine (almost too hot!) in which to celebrate this annual event.

Guest speakers included Sra. Rebeca Arias, UN representative to Peru, and two other eminent women speakers: Lic. Isabel Rodriguez de Huarcaya, psychologist and President of the NGO Equilibrium, and Lic. Pilar Silveyra, President of the NGO Mujer Peruana. Other presentations were given by Dr. Yhony Lescano, Dr. Trevor Jones, Congressman Alberto Beingolea, and closing remarks by Sra. Faith Jones, President of the UPF-Peru Women's Committee.

During the meeting a number of women were presented with "Protagonist for Peace" Trophies in recognition of their achievements as women overcoming many obstacles to establish themselves in society. Those receiving awards included the Olympic athlete Ines Melchor and Dra. Clotilde Carrasco, director of a TV channel and the NGO Inversion por la Infancia. Sra. Rosa Castillo was recognised for her work with the poor people throughout Peru in Comedores Populares (food kitchens) and Sra. Bertha Collahua Quillama for her support of the traditional Peruvian culture.

Following the award ceremony an interfaith Water of Life Ceremony took place presided over by UPF Vice President Rev. Dr. Orestes Sanchez accompanied by the Imam of Peru, Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Aly; Rev. Padre Martin Vera Rios, Dean of the Catholic College San Vicente; and Sra. Cecilia Paredes Vivanco, representing the Inca culture. Also taking part were Sra. Rebeca Arias of the UN; Sra. Luz Mejia, president of the Women's Federation in Peru; Sra. Patricia Contador de Lescano (wife of Congressman Lescano) and Sra. Faith Jones from UPF Peru.

The meeting ended with the appointment of an additional 10 Ambassadors for Peace. 

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