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Meetings with Diplomats and Clergy in Peru

Trevor Jones
April 4, 2014

Lima, Peru -- After receiving the news about the Middle East Peace Initiative program in Jerusalem in May, an appointment was made with the ambassador for Palestine in Peru, who has spoken at some UPF-Peru events. He suggested the possibility of a delegation from UPF meeting with Palestinian leaders as part of the schedule of activities.

Also a meeting took place with Ambassador Juan Alvarez Vita, a career diplomat who has represented Peru in many countries – Argentina, Hungary Austria, Turkey, Switzerland and the UN. He was also appointed to the committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the UN ten years ago, a group which is made up of 18 specially selected experts. He spoke at UPF-Peru's human rights program in the Congress in December 2013.

Many Ambassadors for Peace and members of the Interconfesional Alliance (a group formed in 2012 based on the US model of the American Clergy Leadership Conference) attended a seminar on April 4 organized by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights entitled "Religious Liberty and Interconfesional Dialogue." This is the fruit of some dialogue between the Alliance and staff of the interfaith department of the Ministry. Pastor Luis Acero, president of the Alliance, was one of the speakers. 

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