The Words of the Kagawa Family

Testimony of a Participant of the Pal Chung Shik Workshop

Genie Kagawa
September 2, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I was asked to share some inspirational thoughts from Kodiak, Alaska, during this special workshop called by True Parents. During this important time of preparation before the historical Abel UN Inaugural Ceremony in New York on September 12th, True Father called 7 representatives of each of the 8 continents, altogether 80 people, for a special 9-day workshop in Kodiak, Alaska, from August 30th to September 8th. The timing also coincided with the 16th Anniversary of Pal Chung Shik on August 30th and of Heavenly Parentism on August 31st. As True Father mentioned to us in his speech today, it is not an easy thing to meet True Parents, much less be with them side by side in this kind of intimate surrounding, receiving their words, and most importantly, their invisible spirit of power and love from Heavenly Father.

After the solemn Chung Shik ceremony, officiated by True Parents on the morning of August 30th, True Parents distributed large watermelons and fruit to Continental Directors, representing each region in the world. After Hoon Dok Hae, Rev. Jeong Og Yu reported about the providential activities that True Father was conducting in Japan, focused on the unification of North and South Korea. Top Korean VIP residents in Japan, represented by the Mindan (South Koreans) and Chochonyun (North Koreans) were educated in True Parents' thought and vision for the unification of North and South Korea. The participants could significantly realize that the viewpoint of Reverend Moon is different from the activities of the Korean government. They realized the importance of education in unifying the people. Sixty years after the liberation of Korea, True Father was so serious and gathered together the Korean leaders. Korea, as the father country, had the mission of carrying out holy wine blessings for 48 million people, while Japan had to hold unification seminars until the World Peace Cup event on July 13th. The months of June to August are very important. On July 13th, 2,000 top Mindan and Chochonyun leaders in Japan attended a special event centering on peaceful unification. This was a turning point for the unification of North and South Korea. From now on, it will no longer be difficult to unite Cain and Abel, centering on Father's words.

June 25-28th was the special speaking tour of True Parents in 4 cities in America. In Japan, rallies in 12 cities were carried out. This was all connected to Pal Chung Shik and finished on August 27th. There was particular focus on the Bering Strait project, and especially scholars and politicians were very impressed. True Parents proclaimed that, once they start the Bering Strait project, all necessary technology would be mobilized. True Father directed that we should have rallies continuously for three years to educate the public until the Bering Strait project is completed. Each rally mobilized between 1,000-1,200 people, and the audiences responded very enthusiastically. In addition, Korea fulfilled its providential responsibility to carry out the holy wine blessings by August 28th.

True Father's concluding words were that we need to consider two important things in our work. Firstly, we must be self-supporting. We need to generate our own finances for education. We need money and then, we should spread God's word. God wants children who are better than Himself, so we have to educate children who are better than the parents, so that they can make a higher foundation than the parents made. This tradition should continue down to the third generation. Centering on the third generation, all can be connected.

The afternoon was spent fishing on the ocean, and "practicing" for an upcoming 3-day fishing tournament where True Father will distribute prizes. The weather was wet, cold and windy, with choppy waves, as we mobilized our spirits of determination to challenge the conditions for successful results. Fish can be very plentiful in the ocean, as there were many bites. However, we later found out that some classes of fish would be eliminated: Only the top class fish, silver or king salmon and halibut, would be acceptable for prizewinners. Ah, that is where the spiritual dimension of the fishing will automatically separate the prepared from unprepared fishermen.

In our evening time of sharing, Dr. Dong Moon Joo gave a testimony. Dr. Yang Chang Sik followed his speech with a detailed historical overview of True Father's Bering Strait project, accompanied by photos of True Parents' first steps to the Bering Strait on June 30th and July 3rd. He ended the evening with a pictorial highlights of the historical events carried out to restore the three Abrahamic faiths centering on the mission of Christianity, represented by the United States.

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