The Words of the Kaufmann Family

An Appreciation

Frank Kaufmann
May 5, 2002

I always pray to God that somehow all members can feel and know Father and Mother just as those who get to see them once in a while. It is frequently said that true closeness to Parents does not come from physical proximity, and that frequently distant members are closer to Parents then those who see them often. Also it has been said that being too close to Father and Mother can have the opposite effect in terms of having their eternal glory shrouded by the mundane reality of their day to day humanity.

In a certain way, if there is justice, this has to be true. Knowing True Parents cannot be dependent on physical proximity, if there is justice in the universe.

STILL the presence of True Parents so overwhelms me. I feel burdened and repentful that others don't have this chance, and also that I do not become more as gratitude for the privilege. I have tons of thoughts on this, but I'll stop here. I simply wish everyone could have the chance to be around Mother and Father. The presence of God in them is a thing of awe and wonder.

On his anniversary, Father spoke from 5 to 8 or 8 30, then from 9 to 1, before racing over to dedicate the UFC building, create a magnificent calligraphy, and drag a million year old body through the building seeing as though a boy seeing New York for the first time.

During his anniversary speech, he "pole vaulted off the stage," he told stories of his life as a boy in junior high school. Told of how often a single person's (follower's) actions sent him back to square one. He relived his life in front of us. He can simply never give enough.


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