The Words of the Kaufmann Family

Father's Judgement

Frank Kaufmann
July 23, 2002

1993 was the Centennial of the Chicago Parliament of the World's Religions. The IRFWP had planned and organized a major international conference (a costly affair).

These years (early 90's) were a time of virtual meltdown in UC finances. (Japan was under intense government persecution and virtual collapse)

Virtually anything and everything which represented Father's life's effort teetered on the edge of getting claimed by the repo man, and Father's haters were near pissing with joy at the final collapse and fireworks of public implosion of this great and evil pretender.

The IRFWP has a significant number of competitors (international interfaith organizations), and all had pulled out all stops for 1993. If they had never done anything, they were doing a big thing in '93.

In the middle of the conference preparations I was not getting any money and my conference was slipping down the tubes. Missing hotel downpayments, airlines downpayments etc.

The great world's leaders for the world religions would have to be cancelled, and Father for all his effort to bring peace in the world of religion would be a disgraced no show, in THE interfaith year. A bust. A loser.

In the midst of this crisis, there was a meeting of leaders at EG (for something else I think). All US based Korean leaders were present.

Father made each one give a report on their respective regions. One by one they told of regions with no members or 3 members, regions with one member in an insane asylum, one member conducting a class action lawsuit against the church, and one quadripeligic member. These were guys with massive white elephant church centers which they were forbidden to sell. Taxes and broke down jalopies.

One by one these men reported on their region and one by one Father excoriated them. I was shattered to see the torture suffered by these men. Trying to create any kind of good news at all, and each seared for not doing what a team of 100's could not even do.

Father then asked me to report on my upcoming conference. I could not hold up my eyes in front of these guys who were just leveled for trying to carry out impossible direction with ashes and wasteland. Here I was, Mr. Little snot spending x million on another international conference, and probably full of complaint at getting strung along and watching my conference fall down the tubes.

I felt SO terrible for these leaders who were screamed at under such impossible circumstances.

When I was finished giving my report about my upcoming conference. Father told these leaders (leaders of nothing but waste and debt), that this conference was extremely important, and that it was America's job to support this sort of international work, and gave each one of these men the obligation to send 5,000 each week or month or whatever it was.

On top of all that they already could not manage and do, they had to suddenly add 5000 dollars for another obligation out of the clear blue.

For the rest of that year, I would get money from these men who for seemingly no reason were yelled at in front of me. Sometimes I would get money in shoe boxes with crumpled up 5's and 1's. I'd have to wrap coins and send it to the bank, to pay a hotel deposit, or a printer for a banner, just before this vendor or that would pull the plug.

Eventually that conference happened. It happened the day after the nation wide Muslim riots over Aydhya mosque. The Indian government was mowing down muslims in cold blood in the streets. We stopped our conference and created a march. Old scholars and leaders left the comfort of the hotel and marched between the soldiers and the muslims. We stopped the unrest. We stopped mass carnage.

That conference could as easily have been cancelled. Father didn't have to yell at those guys. He knows better than you or me that they were dying in the desert.

It is easy to praise people. Father knows we suffer. Believe me, his job is not simple. He is not careless.


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