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Young Muslims in UK attracted to radical Islam

Framk Kaufmann
March 10, 2008
Times of India

LONDON: Young Muslims in Britain are increasingly getting inclined towards radical Islam as it presents a more "comprehensive and coherent" ideology than the one advocated by local mosques, a report has suggested.

"The growth of monocultural ghettoes has led to the radicalisation of young Muslims who see extremism as the only theology available to them," the report, by British home office in 2005 said.

It said the Imams and Muslim leaders have failed to develop an "alternative" that rivals this appeal and are urged to explain to teenagers how they can be British while remaining loyal to Islam.

To young Muslims who are fuelled by resentment at perceived injustices against themselves and Muslims in Britain and abroad, radical Islam presents a more "comprehensive and coherent" ideology than local mosques, the report stressed.

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of Muslim Council of Britain said: "Mainstream Muslim organizations have made it clear that we must get involved in the democratic process.

There is no conflict in being proud to be British and a believing Muslim."

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