The Words of the Kaufmann Family

Identity Workshop in Slovakia

Frank Kaufmann
March 9, 2009

From March 5 - 8, 2009 I taught what was called an "Identity Workshop" for "older Second Gen," (young people, students and professionals, single and married, in their 20's)

About 60 people from 5 countries attended. Arrangements were entirely homegrown from the grassroots, masterfully and peacefully managed, self-sustaing, grounded in a healthy, honest, and forthright balance of costs and expenses needed to support the range of logistics required for a successful educational program, promotion, travel, housing, production, archiving, and publicity.

The workshop proper was comprised of 4 "blocks" of 3 hours each, designed to address matters of identity, spiritual growth, and daily life for the individual, family and community.

The texts from which the lectures were developed were Cheon Seong Gyeong, and True Family Gateway to Heaven.

Geros Kunkel, head of the European 2nd Generation department, spoke at the end of the program to explain and introduce the vision and mission of his department.

Also part of the program included small group breakout sessions and reports.

An additional "5th block" included not only international workshop participants, but the local Slovak community as well. This three hour session was on the life and mission of Hyo Jin Hyung Nim, including reports on his art, his teaching, his mission, and his family as a core component of Unification piety and attendance.

This community of 2nd gen are remarkable in their incisive and complex reflection on the development of a socially conscious identity grounded in the principle as the base for self, family, and the construction of a just and prosperous society. 

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