The Words of the Kaufmann Family

My thoughts about True Father's current health situation

Frank Kaufmann
September 1, 2012


I have an assignment from True Father to care for the nation of Luxembourg (some are familiar with the Korean term Boon Bong Wong).

I've been traveling and spending time there for about 4 years, and I know all the families there.

This morning (9/1) I wrote the family there because of the challenges we are facing as a family praying for True Father's recovery.

I send you this copy of my letter in case you have any interest to know my thoughts about current affairs related to True Father, the True Family, and the Unification family.

In this version (below), I removed all the parts of my letter that are personal to the various families and members, and leave in my basic encouragement and thoughts.

(Please do not feel obliged to read on. I share it only to let my friends know what I am thinking in case you have interest.)



Frank K

Begging your permission, please allow me to share a few personal thoughts.

1. Because we all are different, our reactions, responses, feelings, and thoughts as we face this deeply emotional and serious time will be very different for each person. I humbly beg you, please support one another no matter what. Please do not mistake a different approach for the "wrong" approach. We do not know the exact way each person has to manage such deep and difficult matters. We do not know what goes on deep inside the heart of another person. For this reason I ask, please pray deeply for one another, and love one another deeply. Be grateful for each other, and help each other as much as you can. This is the best we can do, because we all face something worrisome and painful. We need to help each other, love each other, and support each other.

2. Every second True Father breathes, our sole and only hope and prayer is that True Father recover his strength, health and vitality. Please pray for True Father's health. Pray that he can recover.

3. While True Father fights for his life, seize this time to give all your heart, thoughts, and passion for him. This time will pass, and we will not have the time and the chance again. We do not want any regret to remain with us once this unique chance to greatly love True Father has passed.

4. At some point True Father will pass. We hope it will not be for many years, but we all know that this day will come. My feeling is that True Father and Heavenly God have prepared remarkably for this day. There is an excellent foundation in place for True Father's work to carry on well. True Mother has attended True Father every moment for over 50 years, and by God's grace, Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim have had some training in attending True Parents in recent years, especially since 2009. This is a good foundation, and together with True Father's elderly disciples who are so full of experience and love, people like Dr. Seuk, Dr. Pak (Bo Hi) Young Whi Kim, and others there will be a good balance, clarity and energy to carry our community over what are sure to be some difficult times ahead as an institution.

Our Blessed families are in very good shape from our lives of attendance. While we always feel we fall short, we have tried with all our might to lead saintly lives for our couples, families, our country and world, True Parents, and heavenly God.

We all feel we have not done enough, and we all feel we want to do more. And so, if that's how we feel? Then OK, do more. The sky's the limit. We always have our knees for prayer, our eyes for Hoon Dok Hae, and our hands for serving and loving others. We have all we need.

Blessings and prayer

Frank Kaufmann 

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