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Why Does the Principle Not Succeed

Frank Kaufmann
April 5, 2001

As Unificationists wonder aloud as to why the Principle (with obvious and evident power) fails to succeed, it is concluded almost always that the problem is "how it is presented." (This vies is offered here below as well.)

I would like to offer a challenge to this thesis, and suggest that the problem is not how it is presented (which is an external and superficial analysis of the problem), but rather how it is "incarnated," or embodied.

Possibly said otherwise, which elements in the larger and overall teachings gain sway in how the organization takes its shape and direction.

My question; Is human destiny that everyone will be organized into tribes led by Koreans, a matter of presentation? Or is it a matter of how the principle is understood, following which time the institution is then organized in pursuit of that end? Would it be possible to "present" that teaching in such a way that Westerners would eagerly begin the process toward being organized into tribes led by Koreans?

That question is an example. I go back to my suggestion that it is not our manner of "presenting" the principle, which is our problem, but rather which elements the leadership concentrates on as the teaching's inner driving truth.

Another example. Father is on a tour now. Anyone who has attended sees that Father is perfectly capable of imitating little homiletic tricks that win over western listeners... self-deprecation, instead of braggadocio and so forth. That is a matter of "presentation." Does anyone think that Father has won more people to the principle from this. He's still surrounded by morons (compared to himself) who are never happier than when they are insisting that they don't agree with what Father teaches.

A week ago an ironfisted memo came out demanding that organizers of speech banquets absolutely MAY NOT have salad on the menu. (Salad takes 15 extra minutes). The obvious problem is that guests find the prospect of starting a program with dinner at six, and by 8 starting a 2 1/2 hour speech to be uninviting. How on God's green earth, can conversations in consultation with God himself result in responding to this problem by ordering that salad be removed from the menu?

My point again. Is it not how the "principle" has been "embodied"; i.e., what elements from within it have gained dominance, that block the expansion, rather than something as superficial, and "spinnish" as "presentation"?

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