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Draft Text For The Inter Religious Brochure On The Blessing

Frank Kaufmannn


The Blessing is a "trans-religious" event pertaining specifically to marriage and family. It is universally available, and when clearly understood should be desirable to all people. The Blessing enables people to climb higher into the realm of heavenly fortune. Through the Blessing we can dissolve and overcome those barriers which interfere with our efforts to achieve our own, long cherished, spiritual and religious ideals.

Although not all religions embrace a theistic view of the Absolute, all do recognize a fountainhead, or an all-pervasive ground of cherished ideals, such as compassion, liberation, peace, happiness, and so forth. As religious individuals we orient ourselves to that source of infinite love and truth and seek oneness with that through practicing and following the prescriptions of the founders and saints of our respective traditions.

The benefits of the Blessing may be considered from the perspective of the individual, the family, and even the world-wide level.

The Individual

Throughout history our best guide for self-improvement, and responsible and moral behavior has come from our respective religions; our scriptures, traditions, and our teachers. Through personal striving and seeking to apply what we learn, we endeavor to make of ourselves respectable and upright people who can then contribute constructively in our families and in society. In these efforts all people experience relentless struggle. We try to embody the high ideals in our traditions, but on a daily basis we experience in ourselves unwanted impulses of greed, dishonesty, lust, self-excuse, and other qualities we know lead to suffering in the world, and which we must reluctantly acknowledge are in ourselves as well!

For the individual, the Blessing addresses the age old problem of desiring one thing with our higher mind, and finding in ourselves powerful impulses to do the opposite. The Blessing opens up for us the realm of heavenly protection, and allows us to make authentic progress in this tiring struggle. While it does not absolve us of our responsibility to constantly strive for the higher good, it does introduce justice, fairness, and progress into the realm of personal efforts. Blessed individuals retain the ground they've gained in their struggle against their dark impulses, rather than having to start at ground zero day after day. Once Blessed, as we practice our respective religions with sincerity and hard work, we can make firm progress. Naturally the family, and all subsequent social units benefit enormously from the participation of this new kind of person.

The Family

The Blessing confers Heavenly protection and fortune upon all relationships within the family; spousal relations, sibling relations, and relations between parents and children. After receiving the Blessing, faithful religious practice reliably results in families of greater love, harmony, and heavenly purpose.

The unique, and perhaps most important, contribution of the Blessing is its effect on lineage. Children of Blessed couples become the direct beneficiaries of the parents' religious striving and Heaven's grace. Blessed children inherit a natural link to the divine, since they are conceived under Heavenly care.

Although the Blessing does not bypass human responsibility in some magical fashion, it does secure a just and true environment for building one's family. The good one does brings good. Family members are imbued with a natural propensity for harmonizing among each other.

Nation and World

Just as the individual is inextricably part of his or her family's circumstances, reputation etc., so is every family bound to the social and global environment in which it exists. For example, even and ideal family, if it exists in a war zone may suffer from the casualties of war. Or if a pure and saintly young girl grows up in an immoral society, she will inevitably suffer from such unwanted influences.

For this reason, even though the vast majority of people mistakenly invest only in the welfare of their own families, it is far more reasonable and responsible for families truly seeking a Blessed and secure destiny to concern themselves with the larger arena of social stability, and conditions of world peace. This is why religious and conscientious people naturally seek ways to move beyond selfishness, and family-centeredness, and instead seek ways to serve others and make the world a better, safer, and more peaceful place in which to live.

The Blessing provides the opportunity to fulfill this innate and reasonable desire to expand one's love and service beyond the personal family, to the society and world. Blessed couples, in their unique international alliance to dedicate the family's lessons of love to the complex world of social and international relations.

In what way does the Blessing allow for such expansion? There are Blessed couples come from literally all over the world, all 160 nations, and all the world's religions. There are already tens of thousands of Blessed couples, some soon to celebrate their 40th Blessing anniversary, and others are just married. These couples are united in the common is the dedication of their holy marriage union before the living God of love (or the Absolute Good, if you will). By receiving the Blessing, one joins these couples have pledged before the world to live forever in love and devotion to a heavenly, peaceful world.

This common bond has proved unsurpassed as a means to take down and dissolve all barriers of race, religion, and culture. The thousands of Blessed families proclaim to the world by this compact, more than by any other voluntary association, that they stand for peace and universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

The Blessing is the statement that all people are of Divine value. By participating in the Blessing people dedicate the very most precious thing in their lives, love and marriage, on the altar of world peace.

The Actual Blessing

Since 1960 Father and Mother Moon, in the position of True Parents, have Blessed tens of thousands of couples. At each Blessing couples of many kinds gather. The majority are young fiancees who through the Blessing begin married life as man and wife. Also, many attend the Blessing as married couples who have been together for many years. These latter people attend the Blessing to re-dedicate their loving families before Heaven and Earth.

Furthermore, in addition to the couples with both spouses from one culture, every Blessing has large numbers of inter-national, inter-racial, and inter-religious couples. These noble ones declare in the name of True Love the unity of humankind, and chart by their very actions, the future of a peaceful world.

The decision to participate in the Blessing means a commitment to take part in five core events:

1. The Holy Wine (Holy Nectar, for all those for whom wine is forbidden) Ceremony: Husband and wife share a small cup of Holy Wine (Nectar) in a brief and uncomplicated ritual that signifies internal purification.

2. The Blessing: Husband and wife gather with all other couples. Father and Mother Moon pray for all couples standing before them, and sprinkle water over the group. The couples recite vows of eternal fidelity to God (Absolute Good) and to one another and exchange rings. Father and Mother Moon pray to bless and protect the couples who have taken these vows.

3. The Symbolic Indemnity Ceremony: The husband and wife participate in a brief and simple ritual designed symbolically to remove the presence of any resentment that may exist between the couple, and signify the commitment of the couple to a marriage free of strife and conflict.

4. Abstention Period: Blessed couples spend the first forty days of Blessed life in a "brother-sister" relationship, free from any intimate, sexual contact. During this time each spouse prepares in a prayerful way for a pure, and new start to married life.

5. The "Three Day" Ceremony: After the forty day abstention, this three day ceremony is performed privately by the husband and wife, one time on each day over three days. This ceremony completes the process of the Blessing, and establishes the couple as eternally blessed and pleasing to God (or harmonious with Absolute Good.)

Brief Overview and the Role of Father and Mother Moon

People who have been Blessed so far, regardless of their respective religions, hold at least the following important beliefs in common:

1. It would be ideal if each person were conceived as the fruits of true love between his or her parents, and would have the whole Blessing of Heaven and Earth attracted to and participating in that loving moment of conception.

From birth on every person should be loved and cared for by truly loving parents, parents full of divine wisdom, love, and personal maturity. These well-raised children, having participated in the formation of good character by exercising their own free responsibility, would then at the right moment, meet their own ideal spouse and themselves be Blessed to begin a heavenly families of their own.

2. The world in which we live does not resemble the above description.

3. Religions of the world have championed the ideals of true individuals and true families beseeching believers to struggle against base and self-absorbed impulses, and (except in the cases of choosing celibacy as a religious vocation), in so doing become filial children, harmonious siblings, and loving parents.

4. The inevitable advent of True Parents represents the first step toward reversing a world constantly threatened by greed and self-interest. This first step heralds a world enhanced by the ever emerging power of unselfish (parental) love. Once conjugal love, new life, and lineage are released from the taint of self interest, the beginning of peace and happiness can appear.

5. The Blessing of True Parents is not an expression of religious belief restricted to one particular religion, nor is it meant to be bestowed only upon one group of people. The Blessing is meant for all people, and has proven to be of great help, not only to strengthen each person's own religious life, but also to strengthen the ability for believers to relate to friends in other religions.

6. Father and Mother Moon, through their personal life of faith, through their life's work both their exhaustive, substantial achievements for world peace, across all barriers of nationality, race, and religion, and in their life-long commitment to the establishment of ideal families, have shown themselves to be a true conduit for communicating God's (Heaven's) Blessing. Standing in the position of True Parents, Father and Mother Moon offer the Blessing, and in so doing initiate each couple on the same path to themselves become True Parents, and establish True Families in their own right.


We sincerely hope that you can join the many people from all religions, countries, and races in this glorious testimony to hope, the enduring truth of the world's great religious traditions, and commitment to the establishment of peace through creating one great loving family of humankind, under Blessed grace of Heaven (the One True and Loving God). For more information, please contact:

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