Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverends Kaufmannn

Emerging Unification Culture - Reverend and Mrs. Moon's Program For World Peace - An Introduction to their Theory and Practice

by Dr. Frank Kaufmannn

"This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at the "God Conference 1992"."

Sun Myung Moon was deep in prayer on a mountainside in what is now North Korea on Easter Sunday, 1936 when (he claims) Jesus appeared to him asking that young Moon take up the remaining dimensions of Jesus own mission to create the Kingdom of God on Earth.

After two attempts to reject the call, young Moon accepted the mission and set out on what he believed to be the first necessary step for the fulfillment of his promise. He sought to discover God's original ideal for human life, the precise means by which that ideal was corrupted, and the precise manner by which this ideal may be restored.

After nine years of intensive prayer, study of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, and research in the spiritual world Reverend Moon secured what he believed (knew) to be the answers to these three essential questions.

In 1945 at the age of twenty-five he presented these insights to "prepared" Christian groups, but was rejected. From 1945 until the present Reverend Moon has sought to fulfill his promise to Jesus under the conditions of persecution from worldwide Christendom, rather than with the cooperative response from this expansive religious foundation. In 1960 Reverend Moon married Mrs. Moon (Han, Hak Ja) who has participated intimately in what then expanded to become the mission of his family.

Original ideal

In Unificationism, the concept of world peace conforms to a notion of the Kingdom of God on Earth, or "God's Original Ideal." The pursuit of world peace is considered by Unificationists to be the process of removing the conditions which prevent the realization of God's original ideal, and providing means by which the original ideal may be fulfilled. Unificationists consider the present world to differ from God's original ideal in three essential ways:

1. In the present world physical desires are often in conflict with spiritual ideals. In the ideal world physical desires would be extensions of our high, spiritual aspirations to love others, and sacrifice ourselves for the happiness of others.

2. In the present world there are traces of enmity and negative incomprehensibility between men and women. In the original ideal men and women would have harmony without conflict or estrangement.

3. In the present world human society is "at odds" with nature, harming it and being harmed by it. Furthermore, estranged from it. In the original ideal the human world and the natural world would exist in harmony and mutual enhancement.

The Unification project then consists of repairing these three pairs of relationships, the relationship between mind and body, the relationship between men and women, and the relationship between humankind and "nature." Absence of conflict in these areas is what a Unificationist would regard as the necessary foundation for a peaceful world, or "world peace." Conversely "world peace" is not achievable if conflict persists as constitutive of these relationships.

Inner peace

In his introduction to "A New Vision for World Peace", Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak points out:

Throughout nearly seven decades of his life, Reverend Moon has suffered abject poverty, hunger, torture, persecution, and political and judicial harassment. The strength and perseverance with which he has borne these trials has been extraordinary. I have know Reverend Moon personally for more that 31 years, and I can say without reservation that the most important aspect of his life is his profound God-centeredness.

The Unification Movement has "inner" and "outer" expressions of its "peace program." The "inner dimension" of the "peace movement" has until very recently been undertaken only by "Unification Church members." This essentially consists of:

1. Following a path of spiritual discipline designed to train the body to behave in concert with the high, spiritual aspirations of love and self sacrifice (known to Unificationists as "the formula course").

2. Removing the generative cause of the conflict between the body and spirit (i.e., receiving the "Blessing").

3. Perfecting the relationship between man and woman through marriage, and family building.

4. Establishing harmony between one's family and "nature."

Committed Unificationists believe themselves to be serving the cause of world peace by removing conflict from human affairs in these three foundational arenas in which conflict originates. Presently at least 50,000 people are devoting themselves to the removal of conflict at all four levels described above, and at least 100,000 are engaged in step one as preparation for participation at all four levels.

External peace

In addition to carefully guiding these people in this "inner peace movement," Reverend and Mrs. Moon have engaged these and other people in a myriad of activities designed to pursue world peace at an "external" level. This is a briefly annotated, partial list of the projects, foundations, and institutions founded by the Moon family for the sake of world peace.

International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) a non-profit agency dedicated to eliminating poverty, malnutrition and disease. IRFF seeks to promote greater self-reliance in development aid projects. IRFF creates short and long term programs in agriculture and rural development, education and technical training, health care, urban and community services, and emergency disaster relief.

International Cultural Foundation (ICF) was founded in 1968 to promote academic, scientific, religious, and cultural exchange among the countries of the world. In the face of global crisis, ICF fosters the emergence of a rich new world culture based on enduring common values.

International Conference On The Unity Of The Sciences (ICUS) an international, interdisciplinary forum of scholars and scientists organized based on their common social, intellectual and ecological concern.

Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) is dedicated to finding peaceful solutions to problems that pose the threat of war or violence. A worldwide network of academics with chapters in over 90 countries.

International Leadership Seminars (ILS) extensive education programs for intercultural and international awareness and commitment to global cooperation.

The International Religious Foundation (IRF) is dedicated to fostering world peace through religious dialogue and harmony.

The Assembly Of The World's Religions (AWR) is a quadrennial gathering of spiritual teachers, scholars, lay leaders, artists and young people aiming to uncover from within the world's great spiritual traditions, much needed resources and inspiration that might help resolve the many crises of our time.

Council For The World's Religions (CWR) seeks to dissolve the bitter legacy of strife, hatred and rivalry which has plagued the religious world and has prevented believers from realizing the noble ideals of their scriptures and traditions.

Religious Youth Service (RYS) provides a forum for youth to put aside doctrinal differences and unit in activities of service. To make the ideals of compassion and charity real in our world, and to do it while simultaneously establishing the reality of inter-religious harmony and cooperation.

New Ecumenical Research Association (New ERA) an ever-widening conversation between theologians and scholars of religion from all nations, religions, cultures and disciplines. To encounter each other, articulate their insights, and uncover hidden sources of unity within the human family.

Inter Religious Leadership Seminars (IRLS) extensive education programs for promoting inter-religious awareness and commitment to global cooperation.

Causa International presents a God-affirming perspective of ethics and morality as a basis for free societies.

The International Highway Project Just as economic development requires a free exchange of labor and materials, the development of culture requires unhindered communication and transportation.

The Summit Council For World Peace is a private, independent, goodwill organization existing for the promotion of friendly relations among the people of the world. Membership is limited to heads of government and former heads of state, as well as international personalities who have made recognized contributions to the cause of peace and the betterment of humanity.

Association Of The Unity Of Latin America (AULA) works toward greater cooperation and integration of the Latin American nations.

World Media Association is an international consortium of individuals and organizations concerned with advancing a high standard of journalistic ethics and furthering awareness of the responsibility of media to fight vigorously for freedom of expression.

The Little Angels And The Little Angels Performing Arts Center stand as symbols for Korean peace. The performing arts center serves as a central location for cultural exchanges between East and West.

Artists Association International (AAI) is to advance idealism in the arts. The arts are spiritual resource, precious, noble, godly and fundamental to human well-being. It is AAI's intention to encourage artists to use their unique talents to influence humankind for the ideals of peace and value.

Il Hwa is a health company, designing products to promote good health and preventative and curative medicines.

World Research Institute For Science And Technology (WRIST) was founded in 1984 to develop new, practical methods of high technology for the improvement of human living conditions, and all nations.

Global Economic Institute engages in research and the establishment of structures designed to enable healthy and cooperative economic development in all nations.

International Federation For World Peace (IFWP) is an international organization which functions as an instrument of cooperation between governments, scholars, industries and entrepreneurs advocating an international order based on a commonly accepted idea of absolute value.

Inter Religious Federation For World Peace (IRFWP) a federation of religions, of inter-religious organizations, of believers and seekers, all dedicated to the cause of world peace.

Women's Federation For World Peace (WFWP) an international organization of women from over 70 nations devoted to cleanse the world of war, violence, suppression, exploitation and crime.

Personal Consultations With Mikhail Gorbachev beginning March 1990 securing the pledge to dismantle Marxist-Leninist totalitarian state.

Personal Consultations With Kim Il Sung beginning November 1991 securing pledge to abandon nuclear weapons program, inviting US Embassy in Pyong Yang, inviting United Nations nuclear site inspections teams, establish program for the re-unification of Korean families.

These enumerate only a portion of the "external" dimension of Reverend and Mrs. Moon's peace activities. It should be noted that each program listed has conducted extensive programs on a global scale, many for ten to twenty years, many with a committed network of associates numbering in the thousands.

"Dr. Kaufmannn is the executive director of the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace."


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