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The Representative of Offering One's Self for the Complete Victory of the Restoration of Homeland President Do-sum Lim Seonghwa Ceremony

Dae Mo Nim
May 10, 2012

On the 20th day of the 3rd leap month of Heavenly Calendar of Cheon-gi 3rd year (May 10, 2012), at 7:00 am, at the Seonghwa Ceremony venue located at Seoul Asan Hospital the 'Representative of Offering One's Self for the Complete Victory for the Restoration of the Homeland President Do-sum Lim Seonghwa Ceremony' (Seonghwa Ceremony) was held. True Parents bestowed a calligraphy writing, '18th day of the 3rd month (leap month) of heavenly calendar in the cheon-gi 3rd year, congratulations, the Representative of Offering One's Self for the Complete Victory for the Restoration of the Homeland Do-sum Lim eog-manse for entering, True Parents and the Unification Church Family, Moon Sung Myung'.

President Lim had a very special relationship with Chung Pyung. President Lim joined the construction of the Chung Pyung Training Center in 1971 under the instruction of True Parents. And at that time, he was the leader of the construction workers and received a title, 'Professional Instructor'. On the same year on June 17 by the lunar calendar, True Father used the pickax to start of the construction for the original sanctuary and by July 12 the building was complete.

Mr. and Mrs. President Do-sum Lim served Hong Soon-ae Dae Mo Nim from September 17 by the lunar calendar 1979 until October 5 by the heavenly calendar 1989 (Nov. 3, 1989) until her Seonghwa after returning from America with a very bad condition.

Also, on January 23, 2006, President Lim was inaugurated as the President for Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center until January 13, 2007 when he became the General President of UPF-Japan.

Translation from the Unification Church Homepage

The Seonghwa Ceremony was held by Director Man-un Joe, Family Education Department, in the order of Opening Address, singing of Cheon Il Guk Anthem, and representative prayer by Gap-yeong Kim Korean Parish Leader.

In his prayer President Kim said, 'At times he was True Parents' right-hand man and the left-hand man and gave orders to the world. At times he was a leader with virtue and heart and watched over the members with love. At times in Japan and to Africa he preached the path of heavenly love as a nice father and appeared in front of us as a strong man and the leader of building the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. Your son who sang songs that comforted your heart, Seonghwaed at 9:15 pm on 18th day of the 3rd month of the leap month by the heavenly calendar in the Cheon-gi 3rd year, May 8, 2012, on the 'Parents' Day' (Korea), in the midst of heaven's blessing and the warm love of his family and many other members, he completed the 3 days ceremony successfully. Here at the Seonghwa Ceremony venue at Seoul Asan Hospital on the 20th day of the 3rd month of the leap month by the heavenly calendar, 7:00 am, under the guidance of Rev. Jun-ho Seok, President of UPF-Korea, we will begin this Seonghwa Ceremony'.

Then, as the representative of the family, the first born son Yeong-bong Lim held the burning of the incense, followed by President Jeong-ro Yun's introduction of President Lim's history, Address of Seonghwa by Rev. Seok and followed by farewell address by President Hideo Oyamada (Japan Boonbongwang).

President Seok said, 'We have gathered here for this holy ceremony to congratulate the departure of President Do-sum Lim, our elder member of the 72 blessed couple who will be registered into the spirit world after living a noble life. Right before the Foundation Day, at this time of importance in the providence, True Parents who received the news of the Seonghwa of President Lim, bestowed the following calligraphy writing 'the Representative of the Complete Victory for the Restoration of the Homeland' and the content 'True Parents and the Unification Church Family' expresses True Parents' deep shimjeong of building God's nation that is the great nation of Korea. Therefore, we must take into consideration of True Parents' deep shimjeong and here at this Seonghwa Ceremony of President Lim who lived a life for the restoration of the homeland, we also in front of True Parents, should have a strong determination that we will live with such high standard. And I believe if we are able to have this heart then President Lim who is now departing for the spirit world would be happy.'

President Oyamada said, 'True Parents said, "Those who go to the spirit world before me are the ones who prepare the welcoming of me". President Lim would probably work even harder in the spirit world for True Parents compared to the time on earth. President Lim showed the path for us to welcome the Foundation Day and the establishment of the Foundation Day.

Then there was the time of burning the incense and offering flowers. First, representing the True Family, Mrs. Yo Na Nim offered the flowers which was then followed by the following order; Mr. and Mrs. President Jun-ho Seok, representatives of the family, Unification Church elder presidents, elder families, representatives of religions, representatives of organizations, members from overseas, world boonbongwang and national messiahs, Korean Parish Leaders, pastors, public servants, friends of President Lim.

After this, the holy song number 37 'Sheep that was found' was sang and a benediction was offered by President Seok. Then representing the family the first born son Mr. Lim offered his speech. After the greetings by the family the Seonghwa Ceremony ended. 

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