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Yoshiko Nishi Lim to speak at IFA Sunday Service: September 1, 2013 Shibuya HQ

August 26, 2013

Hi everyone, we are very happy to have Yoshiko Nishi Lim speak with us this coming Sunday!

Speaker: Mrs. Yoshiko Nishi Lim Sermon Title: Thank Heavenly Parents for Our True Parents

Yoshiko was born to Nancy and Kiyoshi Nishi in the USA, and is eldest of 4 sisters and a brother. Her family came to Japan when she was 8. She studied Korean Dance and culture and determined to attend the Sun Hwa Academy in Korea during Jr. and Sr. High School years.

Yoshiko then attended STF in America, received True Parents' matching in 2006 to a wonderful Korean brother and now they have 2 boys! (Congratulations, on your new baby!)

Yoshiko has attended Sun Moon University and has been "Jane" the receptionist at Cheon Shim Hospital putting to use her tri lingual skill and love to care for people. She sings in the choir and translates the services at the Chung Pyung church.

Yoshiko and 2 boys are home, to Japan for 3 weeks and she is happy to share with us this Sunday!

Yoshiko grew up in our IFA community … we welcome her home!

Hope to see you all there!

IFA Committee 

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