Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverends Lim

Excerpt from "The Heart of True Mother"

Mrs. Woo Ok Lim
July 8, 1990
Sunday Service, Belvedere
Translated by Rev. Joong Hyun Pak

(Mrs. Lim, blessed in the 72 Couples Blessing, spoke to church members about her experiences with Hong Halmonim and True Mother. Hong Halmonim lived together with Rev. and Mrs. Lim in their home in Korea from 1980 until her Seung-hwa in 1989. Following are excerpts from her talk.)

At that time our True Parents did not have their own house, but lived in the Chungpadong headquarters church center. Pioneering brothers and sisters throughout Korea had very little food, so True Family also had a very small budget. We prepared a small dinner, and True Father would eat first, then True Mother would eat, and after that, True Children would eat the rest. The budget for True Father, Mother, and True Children's food was only enough to buy one meal, but they were a family of four. Although perhaps three pieces of fish were needed to adequately feed the True Family, the kitchen staff had only enough money to buy one piece of fish.

One day I cooked one small fish. While Father was eating, Mother was watching. I could see that Mother was really longing to eat that fish. She was 18 years old and pregnant with In Jin Nim. I felt so painful for Mother, and asked Father, "Father, would you please leave a little fish for Mother?" You can imagine that for me to request Father to please leave half of the fish for Mother was not easy.

The True Family's economic situation was so poor. When Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim were small children, they ate very humble food. They almost never ate good meals. You can never understand this if you never experienced hunger yourself. But in this world over two-thirds of the people go hungry every day. We in America have to understand. Soup usually contains chunks of food, but the kitchen staff sometimes served only broth for Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim. I always went to the chapel and tearfully prayed to God, "God, please help us make a financial foundation so that we can better serve True Parents and True Children."

One day True Mother designed a kitchen cabinet and asked our church brothers to build it, because there was no money in the True Family's budget to buy a kitchen cabinet. True Mother designed the top part of the cabinet to have three drawers. I wondered about this and asked True Mother, "Why?" She replied "We serve cookies to Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim sometimes, but if they were put in the lower part, the children would always eat too much." So True Mother asked me to put the cookies and candies in the top drawers where Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim could not reach them. That's really a tearful testimony.

Many Korean brothers and sisters from around the country visited True Parents at the Chungpadong Church, so when they arrived True Mother always asked us to please serve them some fruit, cookies and candy. I was unhappy because I could not serve these things to the True Children, but had to serve them to our members.

Cho Halmonim received a revelation from God that she, Hong Halmonim, and True Mother three generations had to escape from North Korea to South Korea. Father once said that True Mother must come from a background similar to that of Jesus' mother, Mary, 2,000 years ago. Mary married Joseph, but everything was like a single situation for her. A similar situation was necessary for Hong Halmonim and Cho Halmonim, who, with True Mother, fulfilled a background of three generations of single women.

After they arrived in Seoul, Hong Halmonim ate uncooked food, even rice and fish. She offered that spiritual condition as she searched for the Second Messiah. After living in Seoul, they moved to Cheju Island in search of the Second Messiah there. Hong Halmonim thought that because she was eating raw food, she should serve True Mother raw food also, but Jesus Christ appeared to her and asked her not to serve True Mother raw food. Hong Halmonim wanted to dedicate True Mother to work as God's servant in a spiritual mission when she grew up.

After Elder Chung witnessed to Hong Halmonim she visited True Father. She offered the kyongbe when they met, and as she looked up at True Father she was amazed to realize she had previously met him in two dreams! She had brought True Mother with her, and True Father asked, "Who is this young girl?" Hong Halmonim replied, "This is my daughter." "What is her name?" "Hak Ja Han." Father closed his eyes and repeated three times, "Thank you, God, that Hak Ja Han was born in Korea." Then Father said to True Mother, "Hak Ja Han, you must sacrifice for God."

Finally, Hong Halmonim received a great honor through True Father and True Mother's Holy Wedding. True Parents appeared on the earth, and Hong Halmonim became part of their household. It was still not an easy course after the wedding. True Parents, the True Family and Hong Halmonim always had a difficult course waiting in front of them. As each of the True Children was born, the dark, satanic forces prepared to attack them. Hong Halmonim immediately understood her mission was to protect True Parents and the True Children. Day and night she prayed, sacrificed, and made conditions for the protection of the True Family. Her mission was to be like the Holy Spirit.

Hong Halmonim said that since True Father and Mother got victory through the 43-year course, from now on we need to connect more to Mother to receive the true love tradition. Father already gave us so much, so we must now receive more from True Mother. The center of a heavenly family's tradition is a mother's love. True Mother's love is truly representative of God's love because God's love is warm, embracing, forgiving, tearful, sacrificial love. Those are the aspects of True Mother's love. We can experience and learn more deeply of Heavenly Father's love from True Mother. In our spiritual life in the wilderness we were always battling with Satan, so the love we received from God and True Parents sometimes seemed fearful pushing and disciplining us. But because True Parents have been victorious and we have entered Canaan, we now need warm love from True Mother. We need this kind of experience of love on the earth so that we can bring it with us to our eternal life.

Some people say that a father's love is like the bone structure, and a mother's love is like the flesh. There is friction and noise when bones collide with each other, but flesh is comforting and warm. Through True Mother's love, we, the Unification family, can become completely harmonized into one. So from now on we need to experience True Mother's love more deeply.

As blessed members we have received new life from True Father, but to grow up and perfect our love we need Mother's help. True Mother's love nurtures us. If we long for and respect True Mother, we can receive her care, nourishment and support in becoming perfected men and women of true love. 

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