The Words of the Loew Family

Testimony of Debbie Lowe

Debbie Loew
March 5, 2003
Manassas, VA
Mission City: Myeon Mok Dong, Seoul

Dear Rev. Jenkins and American Family,

Thank you so much for your insights and sharing. And thanks, Rev. Jenkins, for your constant communication and keeping us in touch with True Parents' Heart. This morning at HDH I felt moved to also share something about my experience in Korea.

It began when I was 11 or 12 years old sitting in my grandparents' living room listening to my uncle talk about his experiences in Viet Nam. He was an intelligence specialist, a Lieutenant Major in the Marines, and he told us that the way the Viet Cong were winning the war was by coming into the villages and working with the people and giving them food and winning their loyalty. So when the Americans came into the villages with tanks and guns the villagers were, of course, more loyal to their friends. He suggested we could win the war by following their example and sending more Peace Corp type soldiers into the villages. I thought it was a brilliant idea and decided to write Pres. Johnson and then he would be able to win the war. I didn't write him, but I kept my uncle's words in my heart. Through the years I have been reminded of this night whenever I hear True Parents' speak of Home Town and grassroots work and now Korea.

"Flowers bloom from the softest part of the branch. The families of those grassroots leaders are like new buds sprouting forth. If they blossom into flowers, Korea will have hope. Seoul will not be overrun by spies. Without educating the grassroots leaders properly, we cannot liberate North Korea. They will dominate us. It is an urgent matter to educate the grassroots leaders. We must plant new seeds. When the buds sprout forth centering on the leaders we educate, we must make them grow into trees." True Father 3 12,1986

My city was Seoul and as I walked the streets and looked into the beautiful faces of the people, I also felt that our work in our cities will protect Seoul and Korea from the inside invasion of spies and leftist thinking. Our precious Moksonim and Samonim arranged for us to take a bus trip to the DMZ. On that serious ride our Samonim had each of us sing a song. The only song I could think of was "One man's hands can't build the world anew, 2 man's hands can't build the world anew, but if 2 and 2 and 50 make a million, we'll see that world come round, we'll see that world come round."

I have so much hope that True Parents' strategy will work and there will be unification and peace in Korea. On my flight home from Seoul, via Chicago, I sat next to a very young man, a father of a 10 week old baby, who had served in the army in Korea, and was now studying for the FBI. And I felt so hopeful that the Korean people, young soldiers including our sons won't have to face the horrors of war if we do our job.

Thanks again and with much gratitude, reporting in from snowy and beautiful Manassas :)

Debbie Loew

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