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It is Up to Us

Kevin McCarthy
June 10, 2001
Unofficial notes: Edwin Pierson

The richness of our culture, what we have to offer humanity is amazing. We need to realize the inventory of our marketable commodities. We have a great product, a product whose time has come.

All we need is the personal confidence in order to sell it.

The Blessing, especially of an Archbishop of the Catholic Church is powerful. Brings up many questions, issues. Was there conversion? Was there a renouncement of a vow (celibacy)? Or a stepping up to a higher calling?

Reading the Book of Acts we see there was a process leading up to Pentecost. Peter had denied Jesus 3 times. He had to acknowledge or affirm Jesus 3 times. The 3 disciples had to be restored. Mathias replaced Judas. Twelve disciples re-established and then 120 apostles eventually gathered in the upper room. What was the purpose of their gathering and meeting?

To shape the message that would hit humanity like an explosion. The apostles shaped the message, not Jesus. The key is that it was not an invented message, but one for which the soul was waiting. It was needed. It hit the target.

Just as at that time, Father has thrown out the coal or lava like a volcano. Into this big vat of gasoline, ready to explode -- we have to make sure that it does not bounce out. This is the time to seize the moment with the right message.

Are we about conversion? Did Milingo step down? Or is this about a deeper vocation and calling?

He represents what we are all about. This is no repudiation of any tradition or previous foundation. We are fulfilling a (the) religious destiny and history. We are in a beautiful position, but it means we are to be hated by everyone, too. The Blessing of this Archbishop points to what the Blessing truly means.

It points to the root of our social decline. The breakdown of the family and society is based in this false idea of celibacy.

The paradigm of True Parents must rise in place of this old paradigm of celibacy and individual devotion. The satisfaction of the soul needs a family with parents and children. The act of (absolute) sexuality fulfills God's destiny.

The historical injustice of barring Jesus from this family paradigm has not been understood. It must be now. He sacrificed his family by going the way of the cross. No one has offered condolences or comfort to Jesus.

Our social and cultural decline are all rooted in this.

Continuing with last week's discussion of the Blessing of an Archbishop of the Catholic Church and what it means.

Is godliness at odds with sexuality?

Is it true that "as you move toward sexuality, you move away from your spirituality"?

Or are these merely myths that have been perpetuated somehow?

Myths are truths, or contain truths, that cultures are based upon. Just because something is considered a myth, does not presuppose that it is false. The Hebrew Bible is based upon myths that are the basis for much of our culture.

Myths must be translated into principles. We are in the midst of a Pentecost! We need to calibrate, understand what Father is saying as well as the core problem(s) of our society. Why does the Christian family breakdown? Father gives us the basis for a deep assessment of society and its values.

Spirituality and sexuality are not at odds with each other. God invented sexuality and participates in its highest expression. He has a stake in human sexuality. This is quite a step in understanding.

There is a truth to the fact that something in sexuality has led man away from God.

Take away all of Father's titles and still he will be noted in history for he is molding a lasting culture that will transcend all previous cultures.

How did the virgin birth idea develop?

Isaiah 7:14 is used as the basis or origin of the virgin birth concept.

"The Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear you a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

The word "virgin" here is actually "alma" in the original Hebrew translation. In the Hebrew "alma" simply means "young woman." Yet it was the Greeks who dominated Israel and much of the Mediterranean and in the Greek translation of the early Bible (Septagent) the word used in this instance is "parthenos" meaning "virgin". (Greeks are well-known for their myths, too.) Thus, the Greek expectation of a virgin birth became the Hebrew expectation and has been passed onto Christianity.

Isaiah can also be seen as speaking of an immediate situation and not some future event at all.

The virgin birth idea has had devastating effects on our culture. Core values themselves are remiss. The (Christian) right needs to get in touch with the deeper implications here.

Mathew 22:30 also speaks of no marriage in heaven. "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." Why did Jesus say this?

And then in Luke 20:34-36 he speaks of marriage saying: "The children of this age marry and are given in marriage: But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: neither can they die anymore: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection".

In Mathew the emphasis is on being single. In Luke, there seems to be an emphasis on eternity. The purpose of youth is to grow spiritually. Children are self-absorbed, inconsiderate. As we grow we become more absorbed with the needs of others and we become more considerate. Adam and Eve were brother and sister first. The individual path comes first.

However, the essence of maturity is that benefit is gained as I give. Marriage is ultimately a path of being sensitive to the needs of the other.

"Till death do us part" has its origin in that verse from Mathew 22:30. For some it is quite a hopeful message. "If marriage ends at death, why I can date again after I die!" The power of the Christianity was/is its powerful message of conquering death. Marriage however has been put down. The idea is the basis of our culture.

Marriage also needs to conquer death. The Kingdom of Heaven (not just Paradise) needs to be, is suppose to be a culture, too. It must be the cornerstone.

Our culture today is younger and younger. The future is being cut off as youth are encouraged to enter into sexuality before they are even personally ready. Self-absorbed has to be transformed into other-absorbed. No marriage in heaven means there is no absolute, eternal quality to love. The qualifier to the vows of "till death do us part" justifies and shapes the culture we live in.

Jesus himself never married, never had children. The culture has not been able to see it as the great sacrifice that it truly was. Christians have been completely cut off from this heart and essence of Jesus. "Evidence of his divinity" has been the justification. Now with the Blessing of the Archbishop, a providential slap has been given.

We must shape the message. We are not potted plants. The sexual revolution was a violent and angry reaction to the Christian idea/concept of sexuality. There is a truth in both viewpoints.

However, a comprehensive viewpoint is what is needed. Headwing elevates both left and right to the vertical center. We cannot simply be moderates. We are in the position to be hated by everyone. The Godism perspective is needed to resolve the differences between left and right.

Our past church life certain things had to be done out of faith to demonstrate our obedience. Now we need to show a new level of conscience. Step up to the plate and love TP enough to say more than just "yes". Do what is in their best interests. That is what elder children do.

TP, the Blessing, and Hoon Dok Hae are the core uranium. We have to be the reactor. Our whole life has been spent preparing the uranium to be used by society.

Even God said No" to Father three times when he presented the Divine Principle (The Fall, esp.) to Him. Father told God: "Bull sh*t!" He knew he was right. Are we able to make Father angry? Do we have confidence in our own love?

Father has one great weakness -- he can't stop loving me.

True Parents are not here forever. We can make a revival, Pentecost. We need to be more than a one-dimensional movement to carry the message forward. We need a new dimension of faith, obedience, devotion.

The next generation and history await the results of our efforts.

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