The Words of the McCarthy Family

The Norman Chronicles: An Angel Chimes in

Kevin McCarthy
January 26, 2009

Do you believe in God? Surveys seem to indicate that a large majority of you do… God has good poll numbers... maybe he should run for office… Of course, God is too humble to do that. A politician enters a room and they immediately assess who and how many can help him. If God were a politician, He would enter a room, slip quietly into the back, sit peacefully and assess how many needed to be helped by him.

So God would be a very bad politician. He would actually tell the people want they needed to hear.

Wouldn’t it seem that with so much belief in God... there would be more of a positive manifestation in your world of that belief? Do you think that is probably why so many people have given up on God? They feel betrayed by their belief in God, as if God were somehow remiss or did not live up to their expectations of the degree of impact God should be able to manifest in your world.

Add to that the specter of religious wars... in which believers can’t wait to kill each other. That doesn’t help... does it? It gives belief in God a bad name. Or whenever there is a disaster where thousands die, the survivors always single themselves out as recipients of God’s divine intervention, but why didn’t God just save everyone? People begin to think that God plays favorites or he saves certain people because of their use-value. If so, why does Joe the beer truck driver always win the lottery and not the Sisters of Mercy convent?

A few years ago I was dealing with a man who was a father of four. He really loved his children very much. His oldest daughter, I think she was around 10 years old, had a little guinea pig that she loved with all her heart; in a sense, it was her first love. One day the guinea pig fell off her bed and broke its back. The little guinea pig just laid on the floor and was writhing in pain. In tears, she scooped him up and rushed to her parent’s room. She was screaming and crying and was inconsolable. It was as if this was her very own child. Although it was late at night, not going to the nearest open vet and, instead, waiting until morning was not an option.

After the vet examined the poor guinea pig, he came out to meet the dad and his weeping daughter. He told them that the guinea pig would have to be “put to sleep.” But the little girl did not understanding the implication of that term. She looked up at her Dad and, with a tone of flickering hope quivering in her voice, beseeched her Father, “Daddy, if Creampuff is put to sleep and if he is just sleeping can I still take him home and take care of him?”

The point I’m trying to make here is, well, something happened inside the Father in that very moment. He was very quiet as they drove home; the only sound was his daughter quietly weeping in the back.

He was angry; and his anger was toward God. He was questioning why, on the one hand, would God give a little girl this grand capacity to love and yet, on the other hand, have it connect to something as fragile as a guinea pig? He wanted to know what possible good, what possible productive lesson was she to learn, at 10 years of age, from the death of what was, essentially, her first child?

Can you imagine? ...and this was only about a guinea pig. Think about the pains wrought upon so many who are experiencing far greater sorrows. Imagine having to bury a child...or your entire family. Your world is filled with inexplicable tragedies that seem to fly in the face of the concept of a loving God.

Am I confusing you? …I’m sensing that you are getting a bit perplexed and perhaps I need to explain myself and my interest in these types of matters.

I guess you could say that this is my job, you see... I’m what you commonly refer to as an “angel”. …Norman is the name... and... well... I’m afraid you are going to have to deal with your many misconceptions about us here. But let’s not make this about me and my fellow flocks just yet. I’ll be showing up on this true master plan newsletter occasionally... here and there... when the time is right or when someone needs to hear something... a bit of a response to a prayer and the like. For now, however, let’s stay focus on the topic at hand... pay no attention to the angel behind the curtain… more on me later... right now... I want to talk about you and your beliefs... especially your belief in God... I hear many of you invoke his name freely:

”Oh God, its hot”

“God Almighty, would you please be quiet”

“God, will the Red Sox ever win the Series”... oh wait... we already had that one taken care of... it wasn’t just that we were getting tired of hearing the same prayer over and over... it was hearing it over and over with that G*d awful Boston accent... oh that accent!...almost as bad as that Chicago accent. “Gad, will da Cubs ehver win da seeries?”

I don’t know what it is about flying in an airplane that inspires so many of you into a sudden belief in God... but it seems, per capita, there is much more belief in the air than on the ground... it’s understandable that fear of death would tend to drive one toward belief... that U.S. Airways flight that recently flopped into the Hudson... well, those folks should stay together and form a church… that was some prayer service they had... I tell you. Our switchboards were lighting up like a Christmas tree. My favorite prayer was from a minister in seat 14c. He kept praying over and over, “Lord, we want to meet you someday, just not Today!”

Yes, one’s imminent death is a strong motivator of religious faith, however, once you have crossed over to here... there must be something else that would be the driving force of belief in God... don’t you think? After all once you have died and are immersed in eternity... all that was motivated by fear of death will have passed away. You will need new motivators then and you really should find those enduring motives way in advance of arriving here. By the way, you should try to understand how death is viewed over here. We have an entirely different perspective on the finality of death, as will you once you have journeyed through death’s door and find yourselves intact on the other side... we will have to talk about this more later...I’m late for a meeting here... the big wings want to know what happened with the Cubs. They were due to win it all in 08 but some bird-brain forgot to close off that bad karma drainage portel that spills onto Wrigley field... somebody’s gonna get their wings clipped for that one... (they might even end up bunking with Lucifer!) 

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