The Words of the McCarthy Family

Fifth Advanced ICC in Korea

Kevin McCarthy
August 1986

The ministers don army helmets for head protection in preparation to enter the North Korean infiltration tunnels at the DMZ.

On June 17-27, ninety-one ministers and religious leaders from all over the United States, representing 26 denominations, participated in the fifth of a series of Advanced Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy in Japan and Korea. Participants stayed for the first three days at the Tokyo Hilton International and for the remaining seven at the Sheraton Walker Hill in Seoul.

In Japan the clergymen saw multi- vision slide presentations of Unification projects and events as well as many of Father's most notable achievements, such as the building of the International Highway. As usual the guests experienced the warm hospitality and enthusiasm of the Japanese members, especially during the entertainment program and farewell banquet.

Rev. Kwak speaks to the American clergy at the old Chung Pa Dong church.

In Korea a complete cycle of Divine Principle lectures was given by Rev. David Hose, Rev. Kevin McCarthy, and Rev. Levi Dougherty. The ICC staff experimented with forming discussion groups on the basis of how much of the Principle the ministers had heard previously; there were nine groups in all -- six for those still on the introductory level, two intermediate, and one advanced. This sys- tem worked out well and will be used again. Discussion leaders emphasized three main theological points to ensure that everyone understood them clearly. These points were that the fall was the misuse of sexual love, that Jesus did not come to die, and that the Messiah is returning as a man born on earth.

On a day trip to Pusan, many of the ministers reported especially powerful experiences at the Rock of Tears, Father's special holy ground, and shared testimonies about them for nearly an hour on the bus ride afterward.

At the close of the conference a strong proclamation, addressed specifically to Korean Christian leaders, was formulated, and over half of the ministers signed it. It stated that the Unification Church is truly centered on the will of God, that Rev. Moon is a great man inspired by God and Jesus, that Principle is a powerful teaching in the lives of its adherents, and that the Unification Church has been mistreated.

The majority of participants testified that they had a very deep and worthwhile experience. 

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