The Words of the Nauser Family

Reflections from the European Leaders Meeting 2005 - Rome, Italy - Second Generation Members

Sung Kook Nauser
February 24-27, 2005

I am very grateful for being able to attend the Leaders' Meeting as I had hardly any time to decide and prepare for the journey.

Through the meeting I gained new inspirations and an overview of what is going on all over Europe.

Listening to the Presentations of IIFWP, Peace Ambassadors, Witnessing and Youth I felt that the Second Generation should participate more in all the different kinds of organizations; especially CARP should be involved more deeply.

I am sure that through First and Second Generation working united, for example in IIFWP, the outcomes are going to be even more gigantic. Also we as Second Generation can gain the spirit to attend God's Providence.

Through this Meeting I realized how important it is for us Second Generation to attend God's Providence.

To me it seems important for the Swiss HARP to develop an identity.

I hope and pray that we as Second Generation can realize how precious we are for our Parents, True Parents and for Heavenly Father and that we can make them proud and support them through living according to the Heavenly Tradition and by attending on God's Providence.

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