The Words of the Onodera Family

The Matching Of Pablo Rivera and Mika Onodera

Testimony Mika's mother - Mrs. Onodera
October 9, 2004

This couple was mathed their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. David Phelps and Mr. and Mrs. Onodera announce the matching of Pablo Rivera and Mika Onodera.

Pablo is in his second year of STF in Chicago.

Mika is living in India with her family.

Recently, Mika kept telling me a number of times that she wanted to get blessed. My husband and I felt that it was too early for her to get blessed. But, since Mika kept insisting on it, I decided that we should give it a try.

When a suggestion regarding matching a certain candidate and Mika was made for the first time by a member, I got really confused. It did not work out.

After that, two more offers came, but both of them, although they seemed to have very good personalities, I strongly felt that they were not suitable for Mika. They seemed to be very much of the intellectual type. Mika is a very heartistic person.

Since, we do not know many people, being isolated in India, I finally decided that we should try the website. The day after Mika's profile was put on the website, I got an email from Mrs.Phelps. I was wondering whether this time, if this could be God's will.

Since, I had a stroke, I could not take a look at a proper clear picture of Pablo in the website. My daughters showed me an unclear black and white picture of him and so I did not know what to think. My eldest daughter, Homi is doing STF and so I could get a look at a clear picture of his face in the STF album.

When I looked at his face, I felt that he could be a suitable match for Mika. Mika is very emotional, talkative, subjective and unstable. When I saw his face, he seemed to be a very quiet and gentle person. He seemed to be opposite to Mika in character and so I felt he is the right person for her. He also seemed to be very heartistic as well as intellectual and so that seemed right too. When I saw his face, more than relying on logic and reason, I just very strongly felt that this would be a good match.

After they got matched, I heard from Homi, who's doing STF, that he's a very quiet person and that he has a very stable character. This somehow convinced me and made me feel that this matching was truly God's will.

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