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Charles Philips
September 7, 2006

Service for Peace International President Millennium Development Goals - Unity Nation-building Intercultural/Inter-generational Transparency Empowerment

Dr. Charles Phillips, the President of Service For Peace who encouraged and aligned service project initiatives around the world as well as established the educational component of these projects based on universal and effective values, talked about Capacity Building and Skills Development.

The youth today has never been so concerned about the good of humanity and the world. Gradually if not by multitudes, the youth are becoming aware of their roles and potentials in the movement to foster development and peace for the world. The destiny of a wonderful world of peace, one global family is now being realized.

The Youth Federation for World Peace as well as the United Nations Association of the Philippines partnered to come up with a conference for the International Youth Day centered upon the theme: "MDG’s U.N.I.T.E. NOW" The gathering aimed at creating awareness, action and consolidation of youth efforts towards the fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs aim to significantly reduce world problems such as poverty, disease, illiteracy, overpopulation among others.

Last August 10, 2006, the three-day conference’s opening ceremonies was held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). Nothing could stop the 600 delegates from pushing through despite the last minute cancellation of the Presidential Palace venue due to a said misunderstanding between venue confirmations. The opening ceremonies were moved to the PICC, a premier gathering place for international conferences. UNAP Internal Vice President Judge Aurora-Navarete Recina and Executive Director Evangeline Arcilla-Ang gave the welcoming remarks and opening remarks respectively. It was through the partnership with UNAP that the celebration of International Youth Day and the annual student assemblies World CARP and YFWP were made as one and was coined the International Youth Festival.

A Project Officer of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), Ms. Sandra Romero Ruiz, and International Vice President of the Youth Federation for World Peace, Mr. David Caprara, gave messages of encouragement to the youth.

The next part of the program were talks by promising and accomplished youth leaders such as Mr. Illac Diaz, who devised a technology from peanut materials which inexpensively and effectively grows corals. His topic was about Transformational Leadership.

Dr. Charles Philips, Service for Peace International President shared the role of Service For Peace in contributing to the UN Millennium Development Goals. He is one among many speakers who inspired the participants with their dedication and ideas which contribute to development and peace.

Lastly, the former National Youth Commission Chairman of the country Mr. Paulo Benigno Aquino IV, also the nephew of contemporary Filipino hero Benigno Aquino, invited three youth leaders around the country who have significantly contributed to the development of their respective communities through their advocacies such as welfare of indigenous peoples, illiteracy, and environment.

After the plenary talks, the breakout sessions proceeded. The topics include Poverty, Education, Health and Environment, and Global Partnerships for Development. Resource Speakers from organizations such as Points of Light Foundation and Service For Peace as well as individuals who have made their mark in their fields made enlightening presentations especially coming from fresh perspectives of the speakers.

A Call to Action by the Youth was led by Mr. Marlon Jinon, a youth service awardee for his works and essay about this year’s International Youth Day.

The last part of the program saw the launch of the MDG Viewpoints, efforts to bring about greater awareness and action for the MDGs and lastly a talk about developing and launching MDG Campaign Programs by Rock Ed Philippines.

The day ended with everyone committed to contribute in ways of their own but also collectively contribute to alleviating world problems through their local efforts. Think globally, act locally was the buzzword for the day.

The conference did not end without the orientation for the service project for the next day. A speech by a Gawad Kalinga official garnered many praises as they have learned of the heroic acts of organizations and individuals, young and old in restoring the dignity of many homeless or improperly housed Filipinos through mobilizing donors and people to construct houses.

This was the first day of the International Youth Day Conference. The second day was their service project which drew 1200 local and international volunteers. Here they came to realize the power of overcoming barriers and uniting for a common goal. This prepared them to relate with Elder Brother Hyun Jin Moon in the International Youth Congress for Global Peace on August 12, the culmination of the conference.

It is a moving experience to see the youth take ownership of the good of humanity and the world. Although much of the topics and resource speakers were based from the Philippines, the commitment and passion for change and a common vision was as common as everyone’s understanding of love. This universal feeling pervaded all of the participants which from 600 different points of the world have come as one.

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