The Words of the Rapkins Family

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Canada was blessed with our first visit from Miss Young Oon Kim (Carl and Linna Rapkins - January 26, 1970)

The Unified Family in Canada -- We talk to hundreds in order to find just one (Linna Rapkins - April 12, 1970)

The third of our 21-day campaigns is now over (Carl and Linna Rapkins - May 15, 1971)

Here in Denver, we extend our greetings to our True Parents and our family around the world (Gary Vesper and Linna Rapkins - November 29, 1971)

Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected (Linna Rapkins - June 1972 pdf)

One World Crusade taught 50 people 1st chapter and 12 conclusions (Carl and Linna Rapkins - June 19, 1972 pdf)

Religious Education For Our Children (Linna Rapkins - 1980)

The Second Camp Sunrise - Led By Marie Ang, Linna Rapkins and Nora Spurgin (Linna Rapkins - August 1981 pdf)

Interview of Mrs. Linna Rapkins, Director of the National Blessed Children's Education Department of America (Lynda McKenzie - August 1990)

FFWPU UK: August Book Review: Light of Glory by Linnna Rapkins (Michael Balcomb - August 7, 2023 pdf)

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