The Words of the Rondon Family

Second Generation Workshop Reflections

Sarah Rondon -- Team 5
Dec. 27Ė31, 2002

27th: First day of winter workshop. My group is well diverse, but a bit large. Rev. Jenkins gave our evening lecture. Pretty amazing. Itís nice to hear that we, "young people," can make a change. He stressed mind and body unity, but I guess thatís necessary when you deal with DP.

Building a bridge out of straws and pins was a new challenge that definitely helped to unite our group. People just kept making small little bridges, and in the end, we just put all the pieces together, and got a pretty awesome construction.

Iím glad I came to UTS. I saw many people I havenít seen in years and I think Iíll learn something as well.

28th: What a tiring day! We were taught how to DP lecture with this new plan. I never saw myself as a lecturer, but it wasnít that bad. By having the teaching, we also went through the DP from "cover to cover." Although it was only on an "elementary" level, it was a nice way to go through the MAIN ideas of the DP.

High School girls move dorms. We are now on the other side of UTS. We are separated from the rest of the girls, but hopefully, we will be able to sleep tonight.

29th: Itís becoming easier to stay awake during lectures and to climb the spiraling staircase up to the dorms. Mr. Sabourin and Aunt DJ spoke to use in the morning. Aunt DJ had some inspiring words, real words. Dr. Ward came to talk about UB and it doesnít sound like a bad school. I think Iíll look into it, thought Iím not sure about their arts program.

We had to write a letter to Mom and Dad. I think it was meant to be serious, but I added humor. Iím really started to think about the matching coming up, thatís open to 17-year-olds. I want to be matched before college, but I always thought now was too soon. But, maybe itís the right time. Iíll have to pray on that. Well, the workshop is half way over, and my body aches for my bed.

31st: Last day of workshop and the last day of the year 2001. This was an unexpectedly good workshop. I thought it would be kind of weird since it was headed by 2nd gen and I wasnít used to that. Last night, we had skits. Everyoneís was good. We also had to pray for 21 minutes and Iím going to start this new year with a fast. I promised that this year would be different. Iím going to make friendly-relationship with Mom. I hate being alone.

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