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Leadership: New Beginnings Require New Training and New Habits

Don Sardella
April, 2007

Are we getting the most out of ourselves and being energized by the process? Are we effectively modeling and advocating Heavenly Kingdom Traditions?

Many of us believe that we are in the next stage of a New Beginning. Given recent speaking tours and Grace Ceremonies, we can certainly feel the Springtime, Resurrection, Easter Season Spirit. But how do we keep this spirit going in our lives and work? As part of this renewed time for our families and all families, what can we say about moving from successful events to developing a Culture and Tradition of True Love? How do we shift our focus from quantity to quality, work better as teams, improve collaboration between generations and transform our habits for God.

Years ago, I heard Reverend Kwak say: "If Reverend Moon knows anything, he knows that no good comes from mere intentions. Good can only result from personal investment, heartfelt self-sacrifice, and systematic and principled actions." (February 27th, 1999 –Washington, DC).

Ever hear "The past does not equal the future"? What might be key suggestions for going beyond our history (past our past?) and making principles our core traditions? What's holding us back from better realizing God's Love? To do something we have never done before, we need to become someone we've never been before – this is a steep climb and takes tremendous energy.

Reverend Moon talks about mastering ourselves before seeking to lead others. In his book, "Courageous Leadership", Pastor Bill Hybels (, after nearly 40 years of successful ministry, advocates we spend 50 percent of our time and energy on self-leadership. Mind-body unity, if you will. Modeling before we advocate. Walk before we talk. Practicing before we preach. Always be witnessing – when necessary, use words. Attract others in this way. Over the years, I have found this to be a consistent trademark tradition of Reverend Moon.

Well-Designed Habits - the Foundation for Destiny

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

First we have habits, then habits have us. As Brian Tracy says in Forming Good Habits;

Changing habits that are no longer consistent with your higher purposes is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, and one of the most essential to the quality of your life.
Remember, bad habits are easy to form, but hard to live with; good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Your job is to form good habits and make them your masters." -- from Maximum Achievement, Brian Tracy

Based upon our vision and goals, what new 2-3 habits do each one of us most need to develop, right now?

First of all I suggest mapping out 90 day written goals and referring to them often Research shows this to be the best time frame to begin new initiatives. (Contact me for a Sample 90 Day Planning Sheet).

In that light, identify which 2-3 new habits and practices you want to develop on a daily basis. To help you to help yourself get and stay on track, you could use a 1 – 31 Day Tracking Sheet. (Contact me for a Sample 1 – 31 Day Tracking Sheet).

If our actions and our behaviors are going to match our principles, values and goals, it is likely to take more than our own power to ramp up – we need the equivalents of a gym, where we can work out and develop, preferably with personal trainers and focused coaches.

I've decided that I will not take on any major project responsibility without a network of support to make it as fun, energizing, synergistic and productive as possible – including an abundance of training and an inspired, involved community experience. Given the historical role of mastermind groups, this is what has always worked best – no question about it.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, that's all that ever has!" Margaret Mead – Anthropologist

For many in life, training and development is missing. Also, even if we train and develop to the teeth, it will still be a battle and a process – it takes energy and effort to evolve ourselves. And, there is no guarantee how it will all work out. The challenge is on – so what are we waiting for? I see this as a time period for more effective action.

If we do not substantially immerse ourselves and continuously condition ourselves to be the best people and leaders we can be, we are likely to come up way short and seriously insufficient to the gargantuan challenges at hand. I suggest we minimize leaving it all to chance and give it our best Olympic effort as we seek to move forward.

On July 8th, 1973, in Tokyo, Japan, Reverend Sun Myung Moon said:

There is no substitute for training. Don't depend on miracles to bring about restoration. We also need training -- not random training, but well-planned and practical training. The words I like are "single-mindedness" and "at the risk of one's life.

I suggest the following as a start:

1. Leaders are readers. Read at least 1 hour daily. Start with "Maximum Achievement"
2. Listen to audio books – visit, for an extensive library of ideas.
3. Meet with a Mastermind/Cell/Small/HDFC Group who share a common purpose.
4. Take all the training you can get -- go to for initial ideas.
5. Find a mentor or peer coach (or possibly hire a coach --

So, what are we reading? Who are we hanging out with? Dialoguing with? About what?

Some topics for dialogue could include:

True Love, True Life and True Lineage
Moving America back to God
Strengthening our extended family bond
Bringing together our faith traditions
Principled-centered discipleship

As someone recently said to me, "We will take all the help we can get." Me too!!

I'm all for faith – and I want to "pray like it's all up to God and act like it's all up to me" Anything and everything that will help to strengthen and develop our Blessed Central Families.

Our best love to you.

Don Sardella

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