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Don Sardella
August 9, 2011

Founded in 1992 and continuing again this week, on August 11th and 12th, 2011, The Annual Global Leadership Summit telecasts live from the campus of Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, reaching more than 185 host sites across the United States. In the months following, the Summit moves into more than 200 cities in 70+ countries across the globe via videocast. For much more detailed info and inspiration, please visit the following website: State-of-the-art technology allows leaders to train together through one event in many locations. Guests can choose to attend the event live at the Willow Creek campus or gather with local leaders closer to home. Premier Host Site locations enable large teams to experience the Summit together with affordable pricing and easier travel. Consider the following statistics, compiled primarily from Barna Research, and how this helps.

1800 pastors leave the ministry every month

40% of pastors will not be in ministry in ten years

15% of pastors contemplate leaving the ministry every Monday morning

65% of pastors would leave their position for a similar paying position

50% of pastors feel unable to meet the needs of the job

80% believe that pastoral ministry (as they know it) has affected their family negatively

40% of pastors will have an extramarital affair during their ministry career

70% say they have lower self esteem than when they started in ministry

89% say they do not have the gift of leadership

I have attended this conference at a local church several times in the last few years and have been deeply enriched, by not only the broadcast presentations themselves, but also by the energized fellowship of hundreds and hundreds of committed local clergy and youth pastors. I have heard that Reverend Moon himself has said that God prepared our Christian brothers and sisters for a time such as this and that we stand to inherit, and collaborate with, their efforts. I have encouraged many Unificationists, ACLC contacts and AFP friends to join me, to take fuller advantage of all that they have to offer. I will continue to do so and encourage you to see for yourself.

I have always left with fresh inspiration, perspective and renewed energies. In addition to all the good ideas, the useful tools and the take away action items, I have also left with a greater sense of connection to God's larger, global foundation and the greater human community. It is my continuing and sincerest prayer to make the most of such opportunities, which I think many are discovering the emergence of. Below, I have included a well-written December 2010 article about their work, from the very reputable and leading edge publication, Fast Company. Much better said than I probably ever will. I would love to hear what you think. Onwards and upwards, in a world of great and enormous transition, that so needs what God wants to give.

How Willow Creek Is Leading Evangelicals by Learning From the Business World
Article location: December 6, 2010 

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