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Second Letter To True Parents Referring National Messiah Providence

Wolfgang Schawaller
June 2004

Father and Mother Moon

Dear beloved Father and Mother,

I hope and pray that my letter to you both will reach you in good health. True Parents and today's providence are always in my prayers. I know you are both very busy, but I hope my concern in writing to you about the National Messiah (NM) Providence will not bother you too much. Four and a half years ago I wrote a letter to you, via Dr. Peter Kim, and explained in general about the National Messiah Providence. I wrote about the unity problem we four types of NM's were facing at that time.

I am the German (Cain) National Messiah to the Philippines and have been in my mission country so far for six times for a substantial time period. I belong to the original foreign missionary group of 1975, and before my assignment as National Messiah, had been working continuously in foreign missions over a period of 21 years. During that time period my official mission countries were Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Afghanistan (during the Russian military invasion of 1980), North Yemen, Cyprus, Greece and Russia.

In October of 1992, you called all foreign missionaries to Kodiak, Alaska, for a special fishing seminar and at that time you asked all of us to go to the CIS. In December of the same year I went to Russia and spent the following God's Day celebration in Moscow.

Together with many foreign missionaries we went to Russia and worked there together with Dr. Seuk. It was a great time, even though we were suffering because of the very poor infrastructure in the whole CIS. I learned to love and serve the Russian people, who were once the enemy of God, because of the Soviet leadership’s denial of God’s existence. I was in Russia with my wife and my three children, working there for four years. Buying food at that time was often very difficult; there were times we couldn’t find milk for our baby, etc.

In January of 1996 you called all foreign missionaries back to New York for the God's Day celebration, and some time later you awarded all of us, who had completed 21-year foreign missionary work with a plaque and a wristwatch. We were also given the opportunity to take an individual picture with both you and True Mother. Thank you so very much for the immense blessing we could receive from both Heaven, and from you, our True Parents.

I am still thanking our Heavenly Father and you, our True Parents, for all the special care, during these 21 years as a foreign missionary. When I worked in India for over three years, I faced serious illness; and in Afghanistan I faced the situation of perhaps being shot dead by Soviet soldiers or Afghan resistance fighters. However, nothing happened because of the love, care and protection of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

The National Messiah Providence started in 1996 in Chung Pyung with the first Korean National Messiah Seminar. In June of that same year, you called again all foreign missionaries to attend a seminar in Chung Pyung for 40 days, which my wife and I attended together. It gave us the opportunity to repent deeply and to shed many tears during this seminar with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. By the end of the 40-days, I picked up through the lottery system the country of the Philippines as my National Messiah nation.

After that, I returned to Russia and our family prepared for our new mission in the Philippines. On our way back to Germany, in Poland, traveling in a minibus my wife and our three small children were seriously hurt in a car accident. One passenger got immediately killed. The driver as well was very seriously injured. Our youngest daughter E. (four years at that time) fell in a coma due to her serious injuries. The doctors in the hospital told me, that she may not recover anymore, and might not survive the accident. I saw my four-year-old daughter fighting for her life on life saving equipment. The pain I felt on the thought of losing her was almost unbearable and I just had to cry. I know you did not cry, when your beloved son Heung Jin Nim was killed in that car accident. But I did cry, True Father. I'm so sorry!

Nevertheless, I contacted Dae Mo Nim in Korea and explained, what had happen. After three days our daughter E. woke up. The doctors in the hospital considered the survival of my daughter a miracle. Later on I found out, that Dae Mo Nim had sent many good angels to help my daughter survive. When I asked E. later what she had experienced in her coma, she said: "I saw strong lights all of the time". I believe that angels must have performed surgery on her injured organs. (Just writing this account of my family’s accident makes me cry again.)

I was told that the son of one National Messiah died as well as the daughter of another National Messiah after their appointment. Because of this accident, my family and I had to remain in Austria (my wife’s country). When I came back from Russia, my whole family was in the hospital; we had no home and no money.

From 1996 until the end of June 2001 I tried very hard to move to the Philippines, but ONLY because of financial reasons I was unable to do so. Today we write the year of 2004, the month of June. Eight years have passed since the National Messiahship started, which you had initiated. All Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel National Messiahs started very enthusiastically despite great disharmony among us National Messiahs. I am sure; you were given many reports about our struggles.

In April of 2000, all of the Korean National Messiahs were called back, to work for Korea’s unification. Later on, all Japanese National Messiahs were asked to move to Leda, Pantanal, in South America. Since then, only Abel and Cain National Messiahs were out in their mission fields.

During the first three years, many National Messiahs went to their assigned countries. But as time went by, many of the Abel and Cain National Messiahs had to pack up and go to their native countries, because of financial difficulties ONLY. Many Korean and Japanese National Messiahs faced the same problem and went back home as well.

We do have a National Messiah Forum (on the Internet), in which mostly Abel and Cain National Messiahs are present, 125 in all. I counted about 35 to 40 National Messiahs and their families, who are actually present in their assigned nations and personally me, I feel very sorry and sad about their low presence in the respective countries. I highly appreciate all of those, who are in fact in their mission countries. It pains me to see, that our passion for National Messiahs seems to have decreased over the last years.

When I was a foreign missionary, we had the World Mission Department headed by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, who guided us foreign missionaries in all of those years. This help was truly appreciated and my thanks go out to Rev Kwak and his staff at the WMD. I also see that the Peace Ambassador Providence is very well organized. Unfortunately, today we National Messiahs don't have a specific place to go and get practical guidance to be able to continue. I don't see any coordination at all in making the National Messiah Providence a success for Heaven and True Parents. And this is the very reason why I'm writing today to you.

My dearest True Parents, I hope my sincere letter will not upset you. Lately, the discussions of the National Messiah list, expresses our sincere concern about our Providence, if in fact, there is one at all. I think ALL National Messiahs will be grateful, if you can speak out on this subject. It would really be helpful to all National Messiahs, if you could give clarification on this important issue.

In June of 2001, during the True Day of All Things celebration which I attended as well, you scolded all National Messiahs present in East Garden, why we haven' accomplished to meet the Heads of State in our mission countries in order for you to be able to meet them on this day. I felt deeply saddened, because I knew there were too many nations, where the National Messiah was no longer present. I was wondering if you knew this, and if you got the realistic reports about the National Messiahs situation?

Dear Father and Mother, please guide us, so we can have hope again to perhaps one day make it to our assigned mission country, save its people, in order for Heavenly Father to become the King of Kings of each nation.

When I returned home, I took up a job with an American-Jewish Humanitarian Organization, in Vienna, Austria, helping persecuted minorities in Iran to immigrate to the United States. Its headquarters is in New York. I’m with this job now for three years. But very often in my heart I'm crying out, because I want to go back to the frontline.

When the Iraq war started, I wrote five Open Letters to U.S President Bush at the White House. In my third letter, I mentioned your idea about the establishment of an Inter-Religious Council in the United Nations. This Open Letter I sent to UN General Secretary Kofi Anan as well.

I sent copies of my five Open Letters to 600 important e-mail addresses around the world as well. This included ALL political parties in the U.S., 70 US Senators and the same number of U.S. Congressmen and Congresswomen; to the Presidential; to U.S. soldiers on websites; to American/German clubs and associations in the U.S. and in Germany; to all German political parties; to Prime Minister Toni Blair in Great Britain and to Prime Minister John Howard in Australia. It included posting to many newspapers in the U.S., as well as to international newspapers. The Open Letter was sent to all of the U.S. and British Embassies around the world, the German Embassies, and finally to the U.S. Embassy in Vienna.

The officer-in-charge of the public affairs section at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, responded to each Open Letter to President Bush very positively. He wrote back, that all of them were forwarded to G. W. Bush at the U.S. State Department. By now, the officer-in-charge of the U.S. Embassy knows very well, that I am a follower of Rev. Moon.

All five Open Letters were published on a couple of websites. My intentions were to witness on the Internet and let VIP's know, that you have the solution to the religious conflict the world is facing right now.

When I joined the Unification Movement in Germany in 1974, I immediately volunteered to become a foreign missionary, even though my spiritual age at that time was only six month. I'm still alive! I still want to do something great for Heaven and for you -- our True Parents. To conclude my letter: I love you very much and I want to help you to bring this world back to our Heavenly Father!

I hope, I did not bother you with my deep concern for the National Messiah Providence. We know, we assigned National Messiahs aren't yet National Messiahs in the truest sense, but we are on our way to become so. This is our promise to you!

Thank you very much for listening!

In deep gratitude!


Wolfgang Schawaller 

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