The Words of the Schellen Family

Home Church in England

Hermaine Schellen
August 28, 2010

I will tell you about my great time, I had many Years ago back in England. Late 70's to early 80's, I was on a Mission there with the IOWC. Since True Father, announced the Home Church Providence at that time. Each one of us got a Home Church area, of 360 Homes, sharp. So everyday we were going to our Home Church area, to meet the people living in those Homes one by one. Until one Day we suddenly hear from our Team Captain, that we should try no to come back to the Center, to sleep (I was staying in Lancaster Gate then) but we ought to find a place to stay in our Home Church area. "Wow" there I was , with my poor English knowledge. (at that time I could better sing English Holy songs to people then talk (ha ha), I am not kidding, I actually did, right at their doorstep. For example, "Light of the East." But guess what , it really cheered me up a lot. And people were saying: "Oh Thank you that's a lovely Song" ha ha / I guess they had no other choice but to say that!

Here I was , going around in my area called "East Acton Lane" near (Shepperdsbush), and wondering where in the world I could possibly stay?

I am a total stranger, and for those who don't know this, in general the British are quite reserved in front of a stranger. They'll give you this cool look, "who are you?" Anyway, one day I did get lucky, with finding a place.

As I was knocking on a particular door, I am hearing, "Who is it"?

So I simply answered back, "it's me!" And who is opening the door, an old Lady, full of wrinkles, totally white curly hair (reminding me of an Angel) and surprisingly, she was in a wheel chair. We looked at each other for a moment, and I felt it was "Love at the first Sight." She just gave me a big smile, and gestured to come in. I introduced myself briefly to her and what my Mission was. Well I made it simple (to be precise my English was not enough for any in depth explanations,) so I just told her, that I am visiting all Homes in the Neighborhood, and to see if I can help anyone.

By that time I have exhausted all my English knowledge, but it did not matter, cuz this Lady with the name: Grace Penelope Scudimo Davenport, loved to talk. By just listening to her, I was already fulfilling my "Service for Peace" mission -- ha ha. Then suddenly she paused, rolling her cute eyes, "Hermaine (that's how she called me), where are you actually staying?" There was my moment, to say that I am looking for a place to stay. Of course she replied, you can stay here, I have plenty of room.

That was truly a happy moment indeed. I found a place, in the middle of my Home Church area. And not just that , the lady was so sweet.

Despite her being handicapped, she had such a cheerful nature. She loved to crack jokes etc. Also one day she told me that she is a descendant of William the Conqueror; wow, the famous British man.

From the very day I stayed with this lady, my Home Church Mission, was clearly elevated to a higher level. I was more confident now doing outreach, my English would improve daily. When I was returning to her home at night. She would always call from her room, "Is it you Hermaine?"

I replied "Yes Princess," that was the nick name I gave her, cuz she acted like one! And every evening, she was so eager to hear what I have experienced on this day.

In conclusion I just want to say , that this was my very first experience of doing Home Church activity and living in the Home Church area. Until today I love to think back on this special time, when I was really reaching out to the English People, trying to serve them and bringing them closer to God, by introducing to them True Parents. Aju! 

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