The Words of the Schellen Family

A walk to remember

Hermaine Schellen
September 8, 2010

Last Night I was walking hand in hand with my husband through the City of Beirut, not just for sake of walking. We were on a Mission. It was a fantastic feeling to go out together for the sake of spreading Gods Love and Message of Peace. Such a power behind when husband and wife join forces in the frontline. Our aim was to reward our Muslim brothers and sisters, for their great dedication to their faith, by taking upon them the challenge to fast for 30 days, in the greatest summer heat, during Ramadan... with True Fathers Peace Message: "In Search Of The Origin Of The Universe."

As we came downtown late Evening, the whole place was full of life.

You could find any age group out there from grandparents to the small grandchildren, couples, friends, were enjoying the Beirut "Night Life", either on the side walk cafes, or just stroll around the round square in front of the Prime Ministers Office building. Being out there, talking mostly to the young people, who had lots of questions. I really felt so young myself -- and upbeat, like time would have never passed. The same thrill, in "witnessing" as I felt many times before. The Interest was so great, in the Peace Message.

As well as talking about God, Peace and Humanity...!

Today is the last day of Ramadan... Alf Mabruk it was just great, to be there, giving out speeches. 

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