The Words of the Schellen Family

Another Episode of my Down Town Witnessing

Hermaine Schellen
September 9, 2010

Today is actually the first Day of Eid al Fitr, that's the Holiday right after Ramadan is over. As I went again Down Town, this time on my own, because my husband could not join me, due other obligations, to give out more of this Peace Messages. But first I got really a big surprise, when I arrived, I was welcomed by an amazing loud concert of hundreds of birds, singing away while hanging around in a very old , huge tree. It was great to be welcomed like this.

I can't recall having experienced such bird concert down town before.

As I was approaching, the main square with all the beautiful Ramadan decoration. I noticed a young man, sitting near the Clock Tower.

My Intuition was telling me, that he is a good Candidate for "the Peace Message".

After talking to him, I got my assurance, that he is very sincere, God fearing person. After my general intro, he was curious to know what position or title I have. I told him that my official title in Lebanon is: "UPF Lebanon Secretary General", but that's not the end of it, I told him that I have several more, nice positions or titles, then he started to grin. Me too, in that moment I felt, that compared, of just being out there, meeting with people face to face and witnessing to them, while forgetting all the fancy positions its so great.

This person was really interested in hearing me talk about peace and how to create an ideal family in a nutshell. Also I told him that this speech "In search of the Origin of the Universe" is a revolutionary speech, and that our Founder, had to pass through many hardships, in order to be able to find this truth. I felt so great to be able to share so much, about Father, to someone I met for the first time. And he was clearly touched in his heart. Actually, he was supposed to go to work in a nearby restaurant (a job to pay for his tuition at university) but somehow he just couldn't leave. To my remark if he is a Muslim, and Shia he replied yes.

This young man just finished the Ramadan Fast, and I could clearly notice, that it had a great positive effect on his spirit. Such humble, God loving person truly was an Inspiration to meet.

After that I was meeting some more people from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

And again it was a great experience, to feel so free to talk about God's Ideal.

And when they received the Peace Message, they all promised to give me feedback, via the email address, I wrote down for them. In conclusion I would like to say, that despite all the problems in the world, there are still many good people out there who love God and are loved by God as well. I feel that it's our "Holy Duty" as children of True Parents, to reach out to them and open the way for them to receive God's eternal Blessing. Aju! 

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