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True Parents Dream, Blessed Couples really stand out

Hermaine Schellen
September 13, 2010

It is one of True Parents dreams, that we as Blessed Couples really 'stand out', in the Society.

Well, as for our couple we still have a long way to go, to become an ideal or perfect couple. However I think, there are moments that, actually 'we do stand out.' I kind of feel inspired, to share one of such experience with you. It was a just a few years back, when I was accompanying my husband on a special Sight Seeing Tour, that was especially organized, for the Press or Media. The whole bus was filled with Reporters, Journalists and Media people from TV, Radio and Print Media. It was the very first time that I could have such an experience, usually I would meet the Media people during special dinner events, were there was always a table reserved for the Media.

And I can say it was always fun, to be sitting with the fellow Journalists etc. of my husband, cuz there was always a very lively discussion going on. It never was boring, like on some other dinner occasions were you would be just sitting next to some fancy or rich people. In such moments the 'name of the game' was simply "show off," in which ever way you could. Some people would just sit so stiff necked, I mean the Queen of England, could not beat that -- ha ha.

Anyway, now back to my story. The main target of our Outing was a famous winery or vineyard, called "Ksara". But of course we were visiting some other beautiful places too. Anyway, as we arrived, at first we got a welcoming drink, yeah you can imagine what, a great wine. Not to accept it would have been considered more then less an Insult. After that we were taken through the whole winery. Starting with, where the grapes were stored, that were just harvested and all the way to the last step of bottling the Wine. I never new how much skill and technology it takes until you can come up with a great wine.

After a while I was getting the feeling, that I have seen and heard plenty about this winery, so I decided to sneak out.

Once being outside in the fresh air, I noticed that I was not the only one opting for an earlier "exit". Soon some of the journalists etc. were coming outside as well.

So we were starting to chat. Of course they all new my husband. Anyway, as we were talking about various things suddenly, one of the media guys, who happened to be a publisher of a magazine, said. Can I ask you a question? I curiously replied, yes?

Tell me, what is your secret to make your husband so happy? I can see he is a happy man! Wow, that came as a surprise, I was not expecting that kind of question! But of course it made me happy to hear it, cuz that really showed me two things.

A) My Husband and I were being closely watched, by the media people -- ha ha.

B) And that my Husband and I, were somehow showing our love between us, to others, without even being aware of it.

However, by the time I started to give him some answers, all the rest of the group was coming out. Here I was telling this publisher some of my "Secrets" -- in regard of husband and wife relationship. And I ended up having a whole bunch of media people listen to 'my story' as well. Just Imagine!

I saw lots of smiling faces then. That memory is truly precious to me, cuz it showed me, that actually we can stand out as "Blessed Couples" And my special thanks and tribute goes to Heavenly Father and True Parents, because without them, I would have never been able to come up with such an testimony. 

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