The Words of the Schellen Family

Sorrow and Joy

Hermine Schellen
February 23, 2011

Today I was reflecting on how in our Life we experience both sorrow and Joy. Of course we all wish deep in our Hearts that we don't want to feel sorrow or pain. But we yearn to feel Happiness. However, due to the Reality we find our self in as Human beings as well as God Him self, we need to pass through sorrow full moments. If there would have been no Fall, then we would not have had to deal with sorrow. And as True Father has told us so clearly, how miserable God was, after A and E fell and throughout the whole Human History. And Humanity being under the bondage of Satan, could 'not escape' the sorrow that was planted in the Garden of Eden. Some people try so hard to escape the sorrow and pursue by all means a Life of "Happiness"?

Sometimes they are even willing to let go of their values, in order to fulfill this great need for happiness. As Satan was always very aware of the intricate desire in humans, he has always tried to, create opportunities of "Happiness", however only the fake happiness, cuz that's all he can offer us, plus he saw this always as a means to control the human beings. That's why there are many fairy tales, that deal with this issue, where there is someone who thinks, only by having lots of wealth, or power or knowledge, will bring the ultimate happiness or fulfillment. And then there comes the moment, where the devil appears, and says to that person: "if you bow down to me or, give me your soul (in short telling him 'that he belongs to him alone) then in return the devil grants that person all that he wishes for. As long as the person can truly enjoy all of this riches, Life looks 'perfect', however at the moment of death the person, realizes the grave mistake committed, cuz now is ' pay back' time, and the person finds nothing but sorrow and no hope for any joy ahead, due to the great emptiness and loneliness in Heart!

The question I ask is, are we only to deal with sorrow, cuz we find our self in a state of, not complete Unity with God? Or shall we push the 'sorrowful sight' aside and just focus on how to be happy by enjoying God's Blessings to us? As I was reflecting on this, I felt that I need to embrace both. The sorrow, because God will have sorrow in His Heart until all Humankind is restored back to Him. And I feel that if we are to truly become totally one in heart with God, we need to embrace the sorrowful moments too, in order to understand God's sorrow, because only then we can truly comfort His Heart and become totally one with Him. And on the other hand, God as being our Heavenly Father really longs for us to be happy. It pleases Him to see us in moments of Joy and Happiness, especially when we invite Him to share this moments with us. In conclusion, I can say that both Sorrow and Joy are, are part of our and God's Reality, until the world is restored. That means as we digest sorrowful moments together with God, and continuously work, to create God's Kingdom on Earth (CIG), then surely the day will come, were the 'sorrow' will disappear entirely, and the Joy will remain forever with us.


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