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Some interesting points in relation to the Internet

Hermine Schellen
February 24, 2011

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with my husband about the Internet. I must say I have learned a few new points, that I find good to consider. The Internet technology has made a big leap, since it's beginning in the 80's where it was only accessible to the Professors and the Pentagon. And the communication was basically from PC to PC.

Today however we have Internet on a Global scale, as mass communication tool. Compared to the earlier mass communication tools like TV, where it basically was just a one way communication at first, until resent slight upgradings.

Internet on the other hand is a "two way street". People can engage in Give and Take action online. According to my husband, there is this 80 to 20 ratio applied, just like in many other fields. Which means, you have around 20% of people who are some sort of Opinion Leaders, and Thought providers, and 80 % of people who are either responding actively or passively observing the online scene. As I asked my husband what about the idea to reeducate the whole world via the Internet? He gave me some very conclusive answers. Btw what just came to my mind what its really funny is that, usually my husband is interviewing lots of business leaders etc... as a Journalist, but at home he is in turn being interviewed by his wife. 'ha ha'

Coming back to the Question, in regard how reeducate the world? What my husband said is the following.

That first one has to keep in mind, the basic human structure and its dynamics on the global scale.

Because this will not change because of the Internet. He see's the internet as a 'magnifier' and definitely the 80 to 20 ratio applies in this online mass communication. That means 20 % are the opinion Leaders and 80 % are the in a position to respond either in a active or passive way. This ratio applies to many other fields too. It is a standard observation, done by social researchers. Next factor to consider is that, there is always the field of interest?

For example, a singer will attract the attention of those who are after Entertainment. The Interest of a person does play a great role. Also there are people who liked to be preached to and their are people who will utterly dislike to be preached to. And if one voices a strong opinion, there will always be a counter opinion. In short, there is the great variety of Interest fields, and other Opinion Leaders, who are also active online.

Now what I found most interesting, my husband said was the dynamics of the tribes.

As you know, Humankind can be basically categorized in 12 Tribes. That means that everybody will belong to a certain tribe. For example we are all part of the Unificationist Tribe centered on True Parents. That means we have a very distinct culture and Tradition that we adhere to. Likewise there are other tribes, which too have their own very distinct thought system, customs etc...., and definitely, a "Tribal Leader" or a key figure. That means that one cannot just expect all tribes to submit to our tribe, our believes and thought systems. Especially if we are completely confined within our own parameters. Europe for example could only make a great leap, after it was exposed to the Chinese Culture. That gave them the incentive of change and new dynamic inside the European tribe.

The point is that, a Inter tribal figure is needed to bring new stimulation to its tribe. That means that figure can venture outside its tribe into a foreign terrain and bring back new ideas. Which in turn will create a new inner dynamics within the tribe. The big question that remains for me is, how can we have good interaction with other tribes? Cuz we cannot expect all the other tribes, with their own great confinements, just to let go of it and submit to us.? I think the only way we could truly link other tribes to us, if we can move beyond, the Level of IDEA or Thought, but actually substantially, demonstrate God's Ideal Families and Ideal Tribe. That would mean that other tribes will notice the difference and will by themselves want to link up with us. Which would in the end, truly create ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD and TRUE PARENTS. However after considering all those points, I see none the less a great Value and significance to witness online, because that way we can expand our Tribal Foundation, on a continuous basis.


May God Bless all our endeavors via the Internet 

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