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The Middle East on Fire

Hermine Schellen
February 24, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters, as I am living in the Middle East since 14 years, I can tell you that what is happening these Days in our Region is most unusual. At this point there are at least 9 Nations out of 23 Countries that are demonstrating for Liberty and Justice, especially they are seeking, to overcome poverty. Egypt particularly has a large percentage of very poor People. Also it seems to us that their is a definitive spiritual reason behind, due to the Providential timetable, this Revolts by the People are occurring in order to prepare the Stage for God's Intervention, to reshape the whole Middle East, and prepare it for CIG.

But first people need to be free to follow their original Nature. Oppressive Regimes in the Middle East, and Dictators, have blocked the Original Mind of many People. With Libya being the worst case scenario. I hope this Info will help you to get a good overview of the Events in the M.E. in case you did not follow it up on the News Channels. I shall continue to post updates on the different countries, in my Group about Lebanon and the Middle East. I think this Region is important because, God has invested so much in this region in the Past, as we can see from the Old and New Testament. May the Middle East be restored, in order to liberate the Heart of God. Aju!

New Dawn Breaks over Egypt

The Tahrir Square tremors are spreading across the Middle East and most of us would agree that the Tunisian-Egyptian revolutions are being felt far and wide and appear to be dramatically gaining steam. BAHRAIN: Bahraini pro-democracy protesters camped out Manama's Pearl Square on Sunday, as the uprising against the regime entered its eighth day.

Inspired by popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, Bahraini demonstrators say they will stay in the square until the regime collapses, Press TV correspondents reported.

MOROCCO: Several thousand of Moroccans rallied across cities in the African country on Sunday demanding political reforms and limits on the powers of the king.

Over 2,000 people took to the streets of the capital Rabat, 4,000 according to the organizers, shouting: "The people want change."

In Casablanca, the North African nation's biggest city, over 1,000 people came out demanding: "Freedom, dignity, justice," an AFP correspondent reported.

The demonstrations were peaceful as of midday.

Thousands of young Moroccans have joined the "February 20" movement on the social networking site Facebook, calling for peaceful demonstrations demanding a new constitution limiting the king's powers and more social justice. Libyan demonstrators, protesting against the long-time President Moamer Kadhafi, spread closer to the Libyan capital on Sunday and new fighting erupted in the flashpoint city of eastern city of Benghazi, as the death toll of the latest events in the Arab country has topped 100, according to Human Rights Watch.

LYBIA: Anti-regime protests braved the streets of the country, demanding the ouster of Kadhafi who has been in power since 1969. Witnesses told AFP news agency by telephone that security forces clashed with anti-regime protesters in the Mediterranean city of Misrata, 200 kilometers from Tripoli.

YEMEN: Turned into protests demanding to bring down the regime in Yemen on Monday to sit open in the capital Sanaa after the announcement of the opposition to join. With demonstrators in Aden killed amid ongoing tension in the major cities of the south. He confirmed, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh that he would not bow to the demands of the protesters will not leave except through the ballot box. Deprived scientists of the country to attack peaceful demonstrators and considered legitimate in the view of striking demonstration that a form of "the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice."

Since Sunday evening. Thousands began to gather in the courtyard in front of Sana'a University in the center of the Yemeni capital and numbered on Monday to about ten thousand people. After it announced the parliamentary opposition that fall under the banner of "joint meeting" to return to demonstrate after its withdrawal from the street on the third of February. The demonstrators raised slogans demanding to bring down the system and change and the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. One of these slogans, "go" and "the people want overthrow the regime" and "the people want change."

ALGERIA: Algerian police faced off with some 500 student protesters who gathered outside the education ministry in defiance of a ban on public gatherings in Algiers, leading to several injuries when police used batons to break up the Monday rally.

Monday's protest near the ministry of higher education follows scattered strikes and protests in recent weeks.

Algerian police brandishing clubs weaved their way through the crowd of opposition supporters in central Algiers, banging their shields, tackling some protesters and keeping traffic flowing through the planned march route.

The protesters are demanding President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's ouster, citing the same problems of high unemployment, high food prices and corruption that inspired revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

JORDAN: Jordanians Protest Poverty, Call for Government Sacking

M. Haydar

Thousands of Jordanian marched in Amman streets, calling for the sacking of the government in protest of commodity prices, unemployment and poverty.

Carrying national flags and chanting anti-government slogans in downtown Amman, demonstrators that included trade unionists and leftist party members, called Prime Minister Samir Rifai a "coward" and demanded he resign.

"Jordan is not only for the rich. Bread is a red line. Beware of our starvation and fury," read one of the banners carried after mid-day Muslim prayers, amid a heavy police presence, according to an AFP reporter. "Down with Rifai's government. Unify yourselves because the government wants to eat your flesh. Raise fuel prices to fill your pocket with millions," the protesters chanted as they marched in the city center.


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Around 4,000 demonstrators crowded a square in the center of the Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah on Tuesday, the latest protest against the dominance of two major parties in the Kurdish region.

Iraqi officials have tried to head off nationwide rallies by cutting the pay of ministers and MPs, hiking funds to buy food for the needy and delaying implementation of new import tariffs that would raise prices on goods.

But three young protesters have been killed and more than 100 wounded since Thursday in Sulaimaniyah, the second largest city in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region, in demonstrations against corruption and the dominance of two parties.

The banners of demonstrators in the city's Tahrir Square, or Liberation Square, on Tuesday read: "Don't Forget Hosni Mubarak," referring to Egypt's president ousted after mass protests in Cairo's own square of the same name.

Source: AFP

TUNISIA: Tunisia Extends State of Emergency, Orders End of Curfew

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Tunisian authorities extended a state of emergency imposed as president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled a month ago but ordered an end to a nationwide curfew, the official TAP news agency reported on Tuesday.

The interior ministry also warned in a statement against attempts to sow discord between the police and army and condemned protests by extremists, the news agency said.

"To prevent anything that may harm the security of the state and to ensure the security of citizens and protection of public and private goods, it was decided to extend the state of emergency from Tuesday February 15 until further notice," the statement noted.

The interior ministry also said the nationwide curfew, in force since January 12 at the height of the popular revolt against Ben Ali, was being lifted across the country. It also called for the police to be vigilant against "desperate attempts" to stir conflict between them and the army, which had sided with the protesters.

Published by Al Manar and compiled by Hermine Schellen 

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