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Thank You Dae Mo Nim

Hermine Schellen
February 26, 2011

Just a couple of Days ago as I was looking at Dae mo Nim's picture. I really felt in awe, thinking of how much she has sacrificed throughout her Life. First she was a very dedicated Christian. And when she became a member of the Unification Church, she was even willing to sacrifice more.

I think many of you know, under what circumstance she has conceived True Mother. And as True Mother was born, shortly after that, she received Heavens Message, to dedicate all her time to take care of her daughter and not to stay with her husband. Just imagine her circumstance at that time? Life was not easy in Korea those days. And don't you think she would have moments where she really longed for her spouse to be with her?

I have been thinking about Dae Mo Nim's Life, quite often. I call her my Heavenly Mother, as Omoni is my True Mother.

Her Sacrificial Life course, her complete Loyalty to God and True Parents, are a source of real Inspiration to me.

And I feel so grateful to her, for having raised True Mother so well and continually supporting her until the last moment of her Life on Earth, supporting Omoni in her incredible task of fulfilling the mandate of the restored Eve and First True Daughter of God.

And as she went to Spirit World so eager because she was thinking how to support us Central Blessed Families, how to help us to get free of the 'satanic remnants' still clinging to us, due to traces of our Fallen Nature.??

The reason I call her my Heavenly Mother is because all these years since I am in Lebanon, she would always

help me whenever I was asking for her help. When we were in Cheon Pyung Workshop to prepare for our NM Mission in 1996, Dae Mo Nim told us, "whenever you need my help, all you need to do, is call me and I will come".

I truly can testify to this to be absolutely true. Whenever I would 'call' her, with all my sincere heart she would 'come'

spiritually and stand by me, giving me specific inspirations, what I better do and what not.

Thank you beloved Dae Mo Nim for your continuous support and encouragement!


Kamsahmnida Dae Mo Nim 

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