The Words of the Schellen Family

In Memoriam: Sheikh Mohammed Kanaan

Thomas Schellen
April 17, 2011

Beirut, Lebanon -- Sheikh Mohammed Kanaan, a Lebanese Ambassador for Peace and faithful leader and partner in many UPF events for over ten years, passed into the next life on April 17.

My wife received the message of his passing from his daughter-in-law, who accompanied her husband, Sheikh Ahmed Kanaan, to the UPF leadership conference in Korea in February.

His dignified and joyful picture is in many presentations and documentations of UPF work up to the highest international level. In preparation for the upcoming UPF Middle East Leadership conference, my attention was drawn to Sheikh Kanaan's photo in a PowerPoint presentation, and I was struck by the depth and serenity of his smile.

May he be in perennial peace and connection with the providence. 

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