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Loving God as God Loves Us -- by becoming a real Disciple of the LSA

Hermine Schellen
June 21, 2011

My Inspiration for this blog came as I was reading Hyung Jin Nims speech, he gave May, 19th 2010

Hyung Jin Nim:

"What is the difference between those who believed in Jesus and those who were his disciples? There is a 'BIG Difference' between those who merely believe and those who become disciples or Saints. In our church, we do not become Saints of the Unification Church just by our belief in True Parents. Believing in True Parents is just one aspect of discipleship.

When we look at the lives of Jesus' Disciples, they are people who put their lives on the line to testify to Jesus. This goes far beyond basic belief. After Jesus Resurrection the Disciples went out witnessing. (leaving all their comfort in life behind) Peter for example spent time to built the church in Antioch. Later, the Apostle Paul appeared and went to many places to witness.

Many of the earliest disciples and Apostles did not die naturally of old age. Because they testified to Jesus they were crucified, even upside down. The Apostle Paul was beheaded. There is a big difference in saying "He is my Lord", or truly living the life of a disciple! The role of disciples and apostles is to testify to the Lord, going to the point of giving their lives... and living the life of a disciple.

Now we must testify to True Parents at the risk of our lives because we believe True Parents are the Lord and because it is through True Parents that we received the amazing blessing of rebirth and eternal life. "

I think things are very clear, in regard of a real follower of True Parents and just a believer in True Parents. As Jesus said: " what you sow on earth, you shall reap in Heaven."

In short, how we live our lives on earth will determined our place in the next world. It seems that, if we cannot close the gap between True Parents and us here on Earth, we will not be able to be near True Parents in the Spirit world?

Having said that I am just remembering Aboji's Words, that we can't go to Heaven if we work on earth to go to Heaven. Clearly the crux of the matter here is our Motivation behind, our good deeds? The Motivation is the most decisive factor. Jesus has clearly pointed that out saying: " you prophesied in my name, and did many works in my name, but I shall tell you get away from me you evil doers".

Now, that sounds very radical to me. But the point is exactly the same what Aboji said, that our good deeds can't be centered on our desire to want to go to Heaven. Because whatever we do, the moment it is done for our own benefit or centered on our self, it is in direct violation to the fundamental principle of the Universe to live for the sake of the other! Sometimes, such a motivation just sneaks in without us being aware of it. That's why we need to have the 'inner compass intact', that warns us, the moment we change the inner direction.

That means, that if we really want to become true children of God and True Parents, not just adopted children, we need to simply, copy their Life style. By sacrificing our self not, in order to go to heaven, but to liberate God's Heart. That has been until today True Parents fundamental, motivation behind everything they did. ONLY by focusing and living for the same purpose, will we be able to become, true Sons and Daughters of God. And live together with God and True Parents, forever! Aju 

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