The Words of the Schellen Family

With Jung Sung and Love

Hermine Schellen
August 6, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and family members, May 10, 2011

Since I have thoroughly studied this speech, "with Jung Sung and Love" that Aboji gave on 5th of Jan. 1999. I do agree that this is a landmark speech, due to its profound content in regard of our spiritual Life. The Unification Theological Seminary specifically selected this speech and had it translated. JUNG SUNG means SINCERE DEVOTION.

I shall try my best to highlight the key points of this speech, with the hope that it will truly be of some benefit to brothers and sisters.

Aboji's Words:

"More than anyone else, our Heavenly Father stands in closest, and most unbreakable and fateful relationship with us."

"The desire of the Heavenly Father is the liberation of your family and the family of all humankind"

"God constantly feels a wall or like a wound that gives him acute pain, because He is unable to circulate freely within the human family. This whole issue is clogging Heavenly Father's mind"

"Hence, you must have the presence of mind that you are praying while representing all of humanity, even representing God. When you offer prayer and Jung Sung representing God, just try to imagine how much Jung Sung God himself, even now, has offered throughout the whole providential history, for sake of the world? "

"God needs you to become his co-worker and comforter, one who prays that every fundamental root that is connected with the fall of man is rooted out from the heart of God"

"When you stand in such a difficult position trying to comfort God, you will come to realize how precious your spouse is as your partner of faith. Such preciousness will be realized because God's Shim Jung of Love will be reflected in you."

"Think about what can you do as God's co-worker?"

"Unless we cultivate our hearts through prayer -- reporting to heaven -- and offering Jung Sung there is no way for us to liberate God, even we would lament and go through hardships for His sake"

"You absolutely must realize that preparation for the realm of liberation is thousand times faster on the earth then in the spirit world. Plus there will be added indemnity, once we enter spirit world, without resolving the issue of indemnity while on earth."

"Therefore it is of utmost significance that you as a descendant of fallen man, can be God's co-worker and offer Jung Sung and built an inseparable relationship of love with God and His desire of Shim Jung, before the end of your life on earth."

"What is the only way for a Blessed couple to achieve the realm of liberated perfection? Being in a Position of a Living Offering! You have thus entered a restoration course that gradually elevates your heart. That means whatever you do, do this through God, even eating food." "The life course that I must go on earth, as a descendants of fallen man, is to weave the web of True love centered on Endless > Jung Sung, Endless > Prayer and Endless > Jung Sung." Those who insist on their own way will simply fade away, because they could not grow heartistic roots."

"Your liberation and restoration unfolds just like, every little drop of water- although one drop seems like nothing….as it flows and flows>>down from the mountain to become a stream, that runs down to the Ocean, turns into vapor, and finally returns to the top of the mountain." Likewise you to will return to God, totally freed and purified, ones you have completed the process of your purification and liberation"

"Nothing should stop you from following True Fathers direction or order, if you have a financial problem, you should offer Jung Sung, even do fundraising and stay up all night, to be able to come, if you are called."

"Therefore if for sake of Heaven you develop an UNBREAKABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, and connect it with your tribe, then without you realizing it your tribe will grow because they will inherit the Level of Destiny that was expanded and prepared by you!"

"How much did God offer Jung Sung and love? You must do likewise! Think about how much you have really loved God and offered Jung Sung and love to Him?"

There is no path more blessed than a life on earth as a Son or Daughter who can compensate the world of God's heart, with a Heart of Love that can fill the Void in God! There is no higher Happiness for God and Human.


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