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God's Han and the Middle East

Hermine Schellen
August 12, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, May 11, 2011

For the past 2 weeks I have been thinking about the important role of the Middle East.

Everyone who knows the Holy books, knows about God's diligent endeavors to raise up the spirituality of the people throughout the ages. Especially if we read the Old Testament stories in the Bible we can, find out so many records of God trying to interact with His chosen people or central Figures. As Adam's Family was completely lost for God after the murder of Abel by his brother Cain, He needed to wait for a very, very long period of time, to embark on restoration course. Of course the biblical timeframes are more symbolic than anything else. Aboji hinted in one of his speeches that 40 Mill. Years have passed, since Adam and Eve were on earth. Just imagine what an incredible long time span God had to wait until He could begin the actual providence of restoration.

Aboji said that, at first God needed time to recover from His great shock, in fact God has covered Himself in clouds of light to ward of the forces of evil. Losing his only Son and Daughter, on whom God has placed all his hopes and dreams to create through them His object partners of true Love, and prototype of an ideal family. However instead things turned out disastrous. The complete breakdown of God's vision of the eternal Kingdom of True Love on Earth and in Heaven, was absolutely heartbreaking experience for God.

As I mentioned, the Bible for example gives us great insight into the very beginning of God's providence of restoration. And thanks to the Divine Principle we are able to understand quite well, the whole process and dynamics behind all those biblical stories. Starting from Noah's family, until Abraham God was focusing to establish a foundation for restoration. And beginning with Abraham's family the actual course of restoration was initiated, and continued to expand gradually. At last God could claim His chosen people and Nation. All those Events were taking place in the Middle East. And as we know God's chosen Land Canaan, is the Land God gave to the Jewish people. To the 12 tribes that were stemming from Jacob's family, namely his 12 Sons. Joshua was distributing the Lands to those tribes. And it is so special to me that two of the tribes received Land, that was in the very South of Lebanon. That means that South Lebanon was actually part of the original promised Land Canaan. Not just that on more than one occasion the Jewish Kings have chosen their brides from Lebanon. And the famous Temple King Solomon built, was built mostly with the wood from the Cedar trees that were coming from Lebanon's mountains. That is just a brief overview in the History between those two nations that are now sadly, Enemy countries.

Coming back to my actual topic, which is God's Han and the Middle East, I feel that restoring the Middle East back to God, will have a great impact on liberating God's Han. As God has invested so much again and again to raise up His prophets, central Figures, Kings and His people here in the Middle East, in the midst of Satan's world. We only need to think about the city of Sodom and Gomorra, how low the people where, with their spirituality severely damaged. And lots of people were completely controlled by sexual lust, as the biblical account of that city hints. Clearly it was not easy for God to find and raise up His people, it took allot of sacrifice and heartache. And as we all know to often things just ended in failure, Also I remember when I was once very diligently reading the Old Testament, I could feel so much God's Heart and Spirit, behind those stories. And now being in Lebanon I experienced more than once when I went to the South, that there is very special History 'alive'. One time I even had an amazing dream were I was floating high up in the air, and before that I could clearly hear a voice saying "look up" and as soon as I did this, I started to raise up from the ground. When I was very high up I could see the whole area so clearly, I saw an amazing golden light covering the whole area, in that moment I knew I was not seeing an ordinary land, but the original promised Land Canaan.

God called it a land were milk and honey 'flows', but what I felt was, that this Land was covered and filled with so much Love from God. The golden light was reflecting this so clearly to me.

It was like magic, I felt so attracted to this scene that I wanted to dwell there forever!

If I reflect on the situation here in the Middle East today, I can see so many deep rooted resentment, that have their beginning from ancient unresolved events. For example the Resentment that Hagar the mother of Ishmael passed on to her son as she was driven out into dessert, since Sarah and her could not get along, is still alive today in many ways. Especially as all those incidents were directly connected to God's central providence. Both Sarah and Hagar, gave birth to Sons of Abraham! What causes the greatest pain and resentment in Cain is feeling unfairly deprived of God's Blessing. And that rightly so. Imagine Ishmael, who suddenly found himself alone with his mother in the desert? You can imagine that he felt very unfairly treated, as he was deprived of his Father's Love and Blessings. Just like Esau did. Therefore it is paramount for Abel to understand, that he is not receiving God's Blessing because he is more deserving of it then Cain, but because God needs to recover the original position of the First born Son that Lucifer after the Fall took away from God. Not just that, God has no choice but to restore the original position of Adam through placing one person, in the position of representing the Archangel and the other representing Adam's position, or God nearer position. However starting from within Adams Family, with Cain and Abel, until today this has been greatly misunderstood. The person or even a whole nation that stand in Abel position or represents God's side, often mistakenly think that they are better and more deserving of God's Love and Blessing, then the other or those in Cain Position. This mistaken, self-centered view, has caused tremendous conflict and bloodshed throughout the History, between brothers and people.

True Father amazingly always understood that any Blessing he receives from God, is given to him for the sake of all humankind. And we all are Eye witness of True Parents Life that is completely focused on spreading God's Love and Blessing to all humankind, in so many different ways. In conclusion I would like to say that, liberating and restoring the Middle East back to God, will have a great impact worldwide. It will lead to true Unity among the major Religions, as some of the great Religions that have Global impact today have their beginning and birth here in the Middle East. Starting with Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But liberation will first of all depend on resolving the root problem the very core of the conflict here in the Middle, which is directly linked with the Israeli /Palestinian conflict, that is in essence a conflict between two brothers, representing the Isaac and Ishmael Lineage. Although these lineages got divided from the moment Hagar left the House of Abraham, unless they are reunited there will be no real peace in the Middle East and God's Han in regard to this Region will not be liberated. 

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